Audio and Multimedia Services Overview

We believe that multimedia – from the human voice, to legally licensed music, to video productions and more – is the most powerful and effective marketing solution for your business. We’re dedicated to helping you leverage your existing infrastructure and media to effectively reach and influence your customers at every opportunity.

Audio Productions For Your Business Telephone System

Message On Hold

Message On Hold allows you to connect with a captive audience—callers on hold—by playing a mixture of music, marketing messages, and customer service information. On hold content is customized for your business and brand. Click here to learn more.

Voice Prompts

The first thing your callers hear is the voice that answers the telephone. By using professional voice over talent to record the voice prompts that callers hear on your auto attendant and/or interactive voice response system (IVR), you’ll make a great impression, first time and every time. Click here to learn more.

Voicemail Greetings

Whether you want to create consistency across your office or are using your cell phone as a mobile workstation, professionally recorded voicemail greetings show that you are a savvy business professional. Click here to read more.

Vanity Phone Numbers

A branding opportunity, customer service tool, and marketing strategy all rolled into one,  a toll-free vanity 800 number is the most effective way to get the phone ringing.

Audio Solutions For the Internet and Multimedia Productions

Website Audio

Incorporating sound on your website can enhance navigation and call visitors to action while differentiating you from the competition. Click here to learn more about website audio. 

eLearning Audio

Computerized eLearning programs allow endless possibilities for interaction. Audio for your online training program can incorporate sound effects, dialogue, music, and more. Click here to learn more.

Virtual Tour Audio

Virtual tours with narration, ambient sounds, and music let you show and tell your online audience about your facility, property, or venue, mimicking the real-life experience. Learn more about audio for virtual tours.

Audio eGreeting Cards

For holiday wishes or to announce special events, audio eGreeting cards have the impact you’re looking for in a cluttered marketing universe.

Professional Audio and Marketing In Your Store or Facility

Background Music for Stores

Our business music service solution offers an awesome list of Major Label and Indie Music at a great price with no contract requirements.  You can even use your own stand alone PC for player. 

In-Store Overhead Announcements

Reach your customers at Point of Purchase announcing current or upcoming specials, promotions, or important customer service announcements. Click here to learn more.

Digital Signage

Add a video monitor to our business music service player and schedule pre-produced video content at one facility or thousands. This solution is easy, flexible, and affordable. Click here to get started.

Message On Wheels

A Holdcom innovation, Message On Wheels takes advantage of your hospitality property’s van, shuttle, or limousine service to provide guests with appropriate background music interspersed with helpful information about your facility and surrounding sites of interest.


Voice Over Talent

The voice you use represents and brands your company, whether it’s answering your phone, speaking to callers hear on hold, or accompanying your multimedia presentation. Make it the right choice from our extensive roster of the finest voice over talent in the industry. And when you need an update or revision, chances are that our experienced and loyal talent will continue to be available.

Message On Hold Demos

How can Message On Hold work for your business? We have produce on hold marketing programs for a wide range of industries. Click here to listen.

Music Themes by Industry

What kind of music will be the best fit for your next Message On Hold program? See what others in your industry are using for their on hold marketing. Click here to listen.

Sample Scripts

Not sure what to write, or want to see the content used for businesses like yours? Our sample scripts will guide you toward a great Message On Hold program, clear and efficient voice prompts, engaging virtual tours, and more. Click here to read more.

Related Services

Script Consultation

Our team of script consultants will work with you to ensure your script contains the right right information and is accurately written for the ear. A script consultation is complimentary with every order.


Holdcom offers complete copy writing services. From basic script review and editing to script design and creation, our experienced staff of writers can prepare your audio script to maximum effectiveness and resonance with your target audience.

Multilingual Production

Holdcom offers complete multilingual services including translation and voice talent recording in all languages.

Multimedia Services

From adding audio and sound effects to your existing video, Powerpoint, or Flash presentation, or creating an original animated or live action video, our range of multimedia services can help you achieve your vision.


Message On Hold Equipment

Holdcom offers a range of playback equipment to suit your company’s needs, from basic CD loaders to the latest Internet based and mp3 players. Our Client Relations team will work with your budget and needs to determine which solution is right for you. Click here to learn more.

Overhead Music

The best news about Holdcom’s Business Music Solution is that you don’t need to purchase equipment. You can use one of your existing PC’s as a stand alone unit.  If you need equipment, we can provide a player for only $239. Click here to learn more.

Installation Manuals

We have complete Installation manuals for all the equipment we sell and supply and dedicated Client Relations and Techinical support representatives should you ever have any questions. Contact Us for more information.

Instructional Videos

Holdcom personnel are always available during business hours to help you with installation and updating, however, we also have a complete library of instructional videos for all the equipment we sell and provide.