Overhead Music

Overhead Music and Announcements: Audio for Your Facility

At your facility, audio can make a big difference in setting the mood and making the right impression, while driving sales and motivating customers. A combination of background music with overhead announcements and digital signage can brand your business and enhance the customer experience.

Overhead Music

Fill your space with appealing music to keep customers engaged and entertained. No matter what type of facility you have or client base you want to appeal to, Holdcom’s business music solution can help you enhance the on-site experience. Create a mood, define your brand, provide audio motivation… it’s all part of the right overhead audio solution.

Overhead Announcements

When overhead music alone isn’t enough, overhead announcements can help. By adding professionally recorded voice overs to your onsite music, you’ll be able to highlight promotions, announce quiet time, and keep everyone informed.

Digital Signage

Custom branded digital signage can be used anywhere you have a screen to display it. In your lobby or waiting room, throughout your store, or even at the point of sale, digital imagery can help you reach your customers.

Background music for your business will hold your customers’ attention while they’re in your facility and grow your business by resonating with your client base. Music changes the way people feel,  keeps them in your store longer, and invites them to return. Furthermore, the careful use of voice interspersed with music creates advertising and selling opportunities that directly impact the bottom line.