Overhead Music and Announcements: Audio for Your Facility

It’s time to enhance your ambiance with Mix Hits. Your brand deserves to be heard. Every note, every rhythm, every track – they all contribute to a memorable customer experience.

Overhead Music

Fill your space with appealing music to keep customers engaged and entertained. No matter what type of facility you have or client base you want to appeal to, Holdcom’s business music solution can help you enhance the on-site experience. Create a mood, define your brand, provide audio motivation… it’s all part of the right overhead audio solution.

Overhead Announcements

When overhead music alone isn’t enough, overhead announcements can help. By adding professionally recorded voice overs to your onsite music, you’ll be able to highlight promotions, announce quiet time, and keep everyone informed.

At Holdcom, we believe in creating memorable experiences for your customers. When guests step into your establishment, the atmosphere you provide becomes an extension of your brand. Music isn’t just background noise – it’s the heartbeat of your space, setting the tone for every visit. 

We’ve designed Mix Hits as the ultimate solution for businesses like yours. With 46 diverse channels to choose from, featuring tracks by major label artists, you have the power to build the exact vibe you want. Our service puts control at your fingertips – simply use our intuitive app to program and curate playlists that resonate with your brand. 

Key Features:

  • 46 Channels to choose from  
  • Major Label Artists  
  • Build Your Playlists 
  • Control directly from your device 
  • Music Licensing Included 


  • Access to internet  
  • An existing PA system 
  • AC Power access 
  • For small or large businesses 
  • Minimum 1-Year Contract 

Explore the Possibilities with Mix Hits

You care about your customers’ experience. You understand the impact of a well-crafted environment on their perceptions of your business. And we care too – about bringing you a reliable, branded, and affordable solution. 

– Reliability: Entertain your guests consistently with professionally curated playlists. 

– Branded Ambiance: Match your music to your branding and enhance your unique identity. 

– Affordability: Elevate your space without breaking your budget. 

Ready to create the perfect vibe?

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Ready to Elevate Your Business Ambiance?

Contact us today for an initial conversation. Our team is excited to discuss how Mix Hits can transform your space. As a special offer, new subscribers receive free custom announcements, providing an even more personalized touch. 

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Mix Hits delivers premium sound at a fraction of the cost, making your investment worthwhile. 

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