The right voice, delivered in the right style, pace, and rhythm, will make any presentation come alive, and truly connect with your target audience. Let the professionals at Holdcom help you cast, prepare, and deliver a narration that will make the difference in  reaching and influencing your customers and potential customers.

From multilingual capabilities, to custom sound effects, and even original music, Holdcom has the capabilities and experience to help you realize your vision and goals.

Voice Overs

Make a lasting impression by adding a voice to your project. From a corporate read to a dramatic one, or even a comic take, we’ll help you cast the best voice actor to resonate with your target audience and make your project come alive.

eLearning Audio

Creating a real-life simulation is one of the best ways to advance learning. By adding a real voice to your eLearning project, your students will better absorb and retain educational content.

Presentation Audio

Gain attention with your presentation by adding professionally recorded voicse and other audio to take your presentation to the next level.

Video Narration

Video can tell a more complete and compelling story with the right voice to accompany it. With a voice that will match and enhance the visuals, your video will stand out from the noise and resonate with your audience.

Without the right voice and the right sound, your presentation or video is incomplete, it’s ability to reach your target audience, compromised. Maximize the communication potential of your project with professional audio. We have voice actors who can record your message – with your brand in mind, and producers who can add the audio into your multi media project for you. Whether it’s simple narrations: voice over for a presentation, internet audio, eLearning, corporate training videos, or PowerPoint narration – we can do it! Need a foreign language voice over to expand the reach of your video? We can do that too!

  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Diverse Voice Actor Roster
  • International Languages
  • Script Writing Services
  • Electronic Delivery

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Voice Overs

Audio can make a big difference in setting the mood and making the right impression, while driving sales and motivating customers. Whatever your project, Holdcom can help you achieve success. We can produce custom audio, including professional voice over talent, sound effects, and licensed music, for a wide variety of applications.

Trying to show off your property? We can provide audio to enhance your virtual tour and explain to viewers exactly what they are seeing. Set your property apart from the others.

Don’t let language get in the way of meeting your ideal clients. We can provide recordings in multiple languages. Need it translated? We can take care of any translations as well. No matter what the language, we have a professional voice talent that can provide an authentic and natural read. Korean, Mandarin, Russian, French, or whatever – no problem!

eLearning Audio

Adding sound, including dialogue or sound effects, to online training programs makes the content more dynamic. eLearning projects use dialogue as a teaching device, and require not just voice talents, but voice actors to convincingly portray a multitude of characters.

Whatever your medium of choice…PowerPoint, Flash, or Video, Holdcom’s expertise in scripting and audio production, combined with its comprehensive roster of veteran, multilingual voice actors, will effectively deliver your information and help achieve your training and learning objectives.

Presentation Audio

Make your presentation standout in a cluttered environoment by adding audio. Whether you’re looking to narrate a slide presentation or add audio to your interactive content online, a professionally recorded voice and other audio, such as music and sound effects can take your presentation to the next level. The experienced producers at Holdcom will work with you to create a one of a kind experience for your audience.

Video Narration

When trying to convey a message, you can be most effective when using sight and sound. Since the introduction of sound movies, we’ve all become aware of the power of adding audio, and voice, to a visual presentation. The marriage of the right voice with the right visual is far and away the best choice when trying to captivate your audience and share your message. Whether you’re seeking a comical, professional, or laid back read, one of our voice actors is sure to meet your expectations.

Not sure how to add the audio to your video? We can edit the audio into your video for you! Let Holdcom handle your professional videos. Whether it’s a video for entertaining, promotional, training, testimonial, or educational, Holdcom will work with you to create the video your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any non-broadcast medium in which you need professional voice over audio. This could mean video projects, presentations, virtual tours, tutorials, training projects etc.

This can be accomplished a number of ways. The most common way would be to break up the recording into small segments that can be inserted at specific timecodes. A Holdcom script writer can provide guidance on this. For continuous reads without breaks, timecodes on your script can be provided that we will use to match the voiceover to the video.

Our narration voice over services do not differ substantially from voice prompt services in terms of cost or production. Depending on the content type, we may be more focused to pacing for accommodation of specific time codes. We also deliver this content by default in a higher uncompressed .wav or high bit rate .mp3 format, since unlike voice prompts, there is no restriction to the audio compression of a telephony environment.

We produce professional audio for a wide variety of uses and applications. If you’re concerned about a specific use case, contact us and we’ll let you know how we would be able to work for you!