In today’s diverse world, speaking your audience’s language isn’t an option; it’s a strategic necessity. At Holdcom, we’re your partners in building deep connections. Through precise translations, cultural adaptability, and multilingual engagement, we help you break down barriers and seize opportunities. Now is the time to expand your horizons, communicate inclusively, and make a lasting impact. 


Our multilingual voice recordings breathe life into your telephony greetings, videos, and interactive media by conveying your message in diverse languages. Expand your impact by providing content that resonates with a global audience.

Language Replacement

Our language replacement service seamlessly replaces existing video narrations with new accurately translated and recorded voice tracks in your audiences’ target languages, while preserving all other elements of your video production. Add value to your videos by addressing a broader demographic and ensuring they effectively communicate with your diverse clientele.


Our team of expert linguists and native speakers ensures precise and culturally sensitive translations, preserving the authenticity of your message. Whether it’s marketing collateral or scripts for recorded speech, we adapt your content to foster engagement and comprehension across multiple languages.