Translation Services for Business Communication

At Holdcom, we ensure your business communication transcends language barriers, whether in audio recordings, marketing documents, web content, or more.

  • Comprehensive Translations: We cover all languages for a variety of audio/visual applications, including Telephony IVR, Video Presentations, Websites, and more.
  • Quality Assurance: Native language speakers review client-provided translations to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Cultural Assessment: We analyze demographics and local preferences to guarantee a message that properly aligns with your target audiences.
  • Expert Review: Each translation is reviewed and edited by script consultants knowledgeable in linguistic and cultural subtleties.
  • Proofreading and Formatting: We ensure linguistic accuracy and preservation of meaning for all your content. Your approval is an integral step in the process.
  • Back Translation: For added assurance and verification of accuracy, “back translation” services are available upon request.

Text vs. Speech Translation for Varied Business Needs

  • Recorded Speech: Spoken language often requires a more conversational approach than text, to sound natural in customer interactions. 
  • Video Language Replacement: Adapting your videos’ voice tracks for different languages involves translation that conveys cultural relevance, context, and timing, to create a meaningful and engaging viewer experience. 
  • Marketing Materials: Context dictates the use of formal or vernacular language in marketing presentations, and translations must reflect the intended tone of the source material.
  • Web Content: Translating your online presence demands an understanding of user experience (UX) principles for effective communication.
  • Length and Clarity: For professional communication, concise, understandable language is paramount. Long, complex sentences can be confusing and disengaging. 

Why Not Online Tools? 

Online translation tools, such as Google Translate, often fall short in delivering the precision and cultural nuance that professional translations provide. At Holdcom, we understand that machine translations cannot capture the intricacies of human communication. Our certified translators ensure your message is accurately and concisely conveyed, free from ambiguity. 

Multilingual Voice-Over

Elevate your audio content with voice artists who connect with diverse audiences.

Language Replacement

Adapt your content for a broader audience, transcending language barriers.

Customized Audio Recordings

Create engaging audio content that resonates with your audience.