Audio File Management

Content is developed and executed through our CRM which allows us to closely track each project. This creates a detailed repository of all your scripts and associated audio files for quick access and reference.

Audio File Retention

Archiving millions of telephone greetings and audio recordings not only requires terabytes of storage, but also careful organization and management of the data. Holdcom utilizes local, off-site, and cold storage (“offline”) systems to provide high-quality backups and redundancy of all our recordings.

Audio File Retrieval

Any active client can request script and audio files from the archive. Depending upon the size and the scope of the request, most can be fulfilled within 24 hours and at no charge. Older files or large requests may take longer. For those clients who have been inactive and/or have files archived on remote cold storage, an appropriate retrieval fee will apply.

Audio File Management

Holdcom’s customized CRM is designed to track your projects through every phase of development.  From quoting to script development through production and fulfillment, we track all the details of your projects.  Our servers maintain copies of all your scripts and audio files.  In addition, each project’s details are associated with a specific job code, so tracking which voice read which script, or which holiday music you used last year, is easy for us to ascertain.

Misplaced the IVR script you updated two years ago?  We can email you not only a copy of the script, but a copy of the audio recording as well – even if it was translated and recorded in multiple languages.

  • Script & Audio References
  • Voice & Music Tracking
  • Script Translations
  • File Format Details
  • Delivery Details
  • System Upgrades
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Reasons for File Archiving

Your IVR Needs Updating

Need to update your entire IVR, including your voicemails and queue announcements from the last 10 years?  If we recorded it, chances are we have a copy of the script – and in most cases, the actual audio files too.

No Previous Notes

If you’re new to your marketing or IT position and your predecessor didn’t keep the best notes or archives of your telephone system greetings and marketing content, Holdcom has got your back.

Only Have the Low Quality Version Available?

Finally got budget approval for that new phone system, but you only have the low quality greetings and announcements?  If Holdcom produced your greetings, the high quality version is archived. Therefore, we’ll have the ability to take the high quality file and convert it into any file format you need for the new system.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you’re involved in a merger or acquisition, rest assured we have your current scripting and audio files archived and can therefore assist you in updating them as your company undergoes its transition.

Corruption of Your System

If your business has experienced damage from a traumatic event which corrupted your systems, we can help get you back-up-and-running. Since we retain copies of every recording we complete, we can send you a duplicate of your audio project, without the need for you to spend money to re-record it.

Need Your Previous Script or Recording?

Audio File Retention

Holdcom provides fulfillment in all audio formats as well as physical media for legacy systems.  All our voice recordings are archived on a myriad of servers including web-hosted servers, local servers, and off-site physical drives.  From the moment a recording is completed, Holdcom backs up the original voice session file to create an immediate copy.  Throughout the production stages, including mixing and mastering, any necessary revisions to the voice session files are saved in a client-specfic folder.  The final mastered audio is saved in high-quality format within our audio archives and can be resampled to any desired compressed formats as needed.  During the fulfillment stage, the converted files are uploaded to our FTP server and remain there for 60 days, providing easy client access and retrieval. This cascade of detail and redundancy creates a repository of source files, which allows us to efficiently access existing and archived audio – which can ultimately save you time and money when it really counts.

  • FTP access for audio file fulfilment
  • Local servers for fast access to recent projects
  • Cold storage for archived projects
  • Off-site backups for redundancy

Audio File Retrieval

Even when your project is finished, our work is not done.  As your company grows and changes, we are there to help you bridge the past with the future.  Whether your system crashed before you backed up your data, or your new manager is searching for a script from 5 years ago, before you even worked there, we can help keep you on track.  If you need to request a script or audio file from our archives, it’s best to have the “Script ID” for quick retrieval.  An accurate date range can also help us narrow down the search.  Contact your Client Relations Representative or Content Consultant for assistance.

  • Script & Audio File Archiving
  • Retrieval of Partial or Entire Projects
  • Editing of Script & Audio Excerpts
  • Project Downloads Via Easy-Access FTP
  • Date Reference Retrieval
  • Accommodate Various Attributes of All File Formats

Need Your File Converted?