Recording a voice over actor professionally requires a collaboration between the writer, actor, and producer.


Digital audio files recorded by professional voice narrators need to be cleaned, edited, and processed to optimize the sound quality for each application


Music choice is essential to the success of a production. It enhances the performance and creates the mood and backdrop for telling your story.

File Format

Optimizing audio files to match system application file format requirements is important to retain the integrity of the original high-quality file.

Script Recording & Performance

Even the best written scripts, if recorded poorly, can fall short of resonating with the target audience.   Our producers work with the voice actor you choose to make sure their recording properly represents your products and services and reflects your brand image.  Attention to detail and scrutiny is taken throughout the recording, whether the audio is for your phone system greetings, a training program, or a marketing video.
  • Digitally Recorded Audio
  • Performance Based Acting
  • Producer Oversite & Feedback
  • High Quality Raw Audio Archive

Write Effective Scripts

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Preparing Audio for Music Mixing

Voices recorded digitally with high quality microphones capture every spoken word and sound the narrator performs.  This can include voice clicks, lip smacking, and breaths which happen naturally when speaking, but can be distracting. Using digital editing software our engineers edit any unintended byproducts and manipulate the voice recording to optimize the performance.
  • Edited & Cleaned
  • Conditioned & Optimized
  • Processed for Application
  • Normalized for Volume

Mixing and Mastering Voice & Music

  • Music Selection
  • Voice to Music Ratio
  • Engineering a New Production
  • Digital Audio File Processing
Combining voice and music correctly to create an aesthetic production goes way beyond proper volume levels. Choosing the right music to accompany a voice narration needs to account not only for the subject matter, but the pace and read of the announcer, while taking in to account the audience for which the material is intended.  Our engineers carefully position the voice so it complements the music, so neither one is conflicting for the listener.  Careful consideration is taken with the music to voice ratio to maximize the sound quality to account for the destination compressed file format.

Digital File Formatting & Compression

Mastered files are archived in high quality audio formats which can be converted into any specific file type.  We optimize the file to improve the sound quality as it will be heard in its compressed format required for each specific application.
Most applications will accept an .mp3 file, however many telephony applications require files to be converted into specific container types, encoded into select compressions, and rendered out using various attributes to conform to format standards.
  • High Quality Mastered Archive
  • File Optimization
  • Conversion to any file type including mp3, wav, vox, au
  • Application Based Mastering
  • All Compressions including ulaw, adpcm, dialogic, PCM, G.711
  • Any Format/Standard including raw, ima,
  • Sampling & Bit Rates all Quality combinations

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