Project Management

Project Management

Holdcom’s high touch customer service is the cornerstone of our project management approach.  No matter how big or small your project or organization, Holdcom will prioritize your needs and exceed your expectations.

Small to Midsize

From a single location managing multiple Message on Hold programs and telephone greetings to a regional deployment for dozens of locations, Holdcom maintains clear communication through the entire project time line.

Third Party

Whether you’re an outsourced contact center, marketing consultant, or telephone interconnect, Holdcom creates a seamless extension of your brand while focusing on the key elements for a successful program with your client


If your organization spans across continents, countries or states, Holdcom’s dedicated in-house staff will manage the entire process. From project time line, to content strategy, we’ll keep your internal and external customers engaged.

Small to Midsize Business

Today even a single location can require complex project management.  Coordinating with your marketing and IT departments to make sure content has gone through all the necessary checks and balances can be overwhelming. Holdcom works with a main point of contact to hold their hand through the entire process.  Even if you have a Message on Hold program that needs marketing’s approval while waiting on IT’s input on a new IVR recording, all of which need to be translated and recorded in both English and Spanish.   Your dedicated account representatives and content consultants will keep your project on time and budget.
  • Vendor Management
  • Multiple Technology Solutions
  • Multilingual Recordings
  • Virtual & Physical Fulfilment
  • Script Translation

Third Party

As an outsourced partner or developer, your focus is on maintaining your relationship with your client and fulfilling their requests, no matter what they require.  However, trying to accomplish this can often take you outside your area of expertise.  Holdcom can bolster and support your offerings by creating a seamless extension of your brand.  We can bring our years of experience to any creative project you encounter while representing your brand through the engagement.  We will manage the project so you’re looped in as much or as little as needed or desired.  From engaging directly with the end-user to working in the background, your clients will benefit from our 30 years of experience in providing professional voice recordings.
  • Direct Customer Contact
  • White Label Fulfillment
  • Cataloged File Archive
  • Dedicated Point of Contact
  • Foreign Language Services


Rolling out an enterprise solution for professional recordings for your phone system or content marketing, requires coordination between marketing, IT, facilities, purchasing and more.  Holdcom will manage the process from RFP through fulfillment, working directly with each business unit to make sure the final objective is met within your timeline.  Whether it’s 100 locations spread across a region or thousand around the globe, our experienced team will break down the process into a timeline which meets your needs and budget.  From an emergency recall or corporate name change to an extensive rebranding campaign in multiple languages, we can provide the knowledge and resources to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Deployment for complex unified communication management systems
  • Multi location on hold message management for enterprise class streaming VoIP systems
  • Language planning for global deployments – let us manage the translation and recording process for every market you’re targeting
  • Volume music licensing arrangements for multi-site organizations with complex hold music needs
  • Script management and archiving for large accounts with hundreds or thousands of prompts. We’ll help you track, merge and depreciate script changes over a period of years

Project Management FAQs

Message on Hold

For all Message on Hold programs if the location is using Telink or iLink equipment then the program can be loaded by Holdcom. If you are using Messager USB Equipment or CD Equipment the program cannot be loaded by Holdcom. We do not go on-site to change programs, but will be happy to work with our clients over the phone and provide direction as to how to update the Message on Hold program. For clients using VoIP systems we can deliver completed audio files via email. We can share the file not only with the location contact, but directly with your provided phone vendor. Don’t have a phone vendor? No problem, we have reliable partners across North America.

Voice Prompts

We cannot provide any support for loading voice prompt files. Voice prompt files are typically loaded directly into the phone system.

We manage all projects from scripting, to recording, and fulfillment. We’ll work with you and your phone vendor to assure all your needs for the recording are being met. We won’t stop until we’ve confirmed the file is received. If it’s a file that goes on your phone system we’ll even be sure to call and listen to make sure it’s loaded and sounds great!

Yes, we have translators, and voice talents capable of recording any multilingual recordings you may need. You can learn more about our multilingual recordings here.

Learn more about our Partner programs and how you can benefit from them here.

Yes, if the program is being played at more than one location there is an additional cost. The cost is determined by how the program is playing at the additional locations. The cost is for the licensing of the music and services provided.

Looking for that unified sound, but with some slight variations throughout the script? No worries we have options available for multiple locations that would use the same voice and music, but allows for the script to be slightly different. Contact us here to further discuss semi-custom Message on Hold programs.