Insurance Message On Hold Script Samples

Local Business Script Sample-

As a family owned business, we are committed to treating you as a person and not a policy. We stay loyal to our clients and make it our goal to exceed their every expectation. We are dedicated to taking an active role in the community and supporting other local businesses and we believe that a referral is the greatest acknowledgment of your satisfaction. Find out more about our referral program at w w w dot ABC Insurance dot com slash Referral.

Legal Services Message on Hold Script

Legal Services Script Sample-

Our Glen Rock firm handles a wide range of legal issues — including divorce, family law, criminal defense, military law, motor vehicle accidents, and many more.  Our attorneys represent civilians in both Tennessee and Kentucky, and military service members throughout the world.  We take the same dedicated approach to every case we handle.

Real Estate Law Script Sample-

Are you buying or selling property? ABC Associates is a comprehensive real estate law firm, handling all transactional matters surrounding residential and commercial real estate deals, while aggressively litigating any disputes that arise. With this broad base of experience, we believe we see the approaching problems in a manner that affords us a greater opportunity to take the necessary steps to keep your transaction moving productively forward to a successful closing.

Divorce Law Script Sample-

At Aye, Bee, & Cee, you can rely on our experience to help you resolve your case. All of our partners are seasoned litigators who can tackle a wide range of cases from short term marriages to complex divorces involving complicated financial issues. Whether it is through litigation or an alternative dispute resolution method, such as mediation or arbitration, our versatile lawyers are committed to protecting your rights and interests. In many cases, mediation and arbitration can lower your risk, save you money, preserve your assets, protect your privacy and give you control over the outcome of your case. We are available to discuss which options are best for you.

Guardianship Law Script Sample-

If you’re seeking legal services related to guardianship, the attorneys at ABC & Associates can help. When the care of an aging parent or a disabled family member falls to you, we will carefully explain guardianship proceedings and ensure that you understand the duties and obligations of being a guardian. Please ask for details when we return to the line.

Personal Injury Law Script Sample-

At Ace Ventura, Attorney at Law, we are devoted to helping injured individuals and their family members move forward after sustaining an injury that was caused by another’s negligence. Our attorneys believe no one should have to pay for the injuries and damages that were brought on by another. We will not hesitate to take on an insurance company in trial, if it means securing the most favorable result possible for our client.

Liability Dispute Script Sample-

If you are unable to travel to our office, we can come to you at your home, in the hospital, or another convenient location.  If you have been injured or wronged by the conduct of another, are engaged in a business or professional liability dispute, or if you are a medical provider in disagreement with an insurance carrier, we’re ready to help.   We provide knowledgeable and experienced representation that gets results.