Insurance & Legal Services

Whether it’s voice prompts, message on hold, or narration we have the services to offer an outstanding client experience. Regardless, if you’re in insurance working on, annuities, health insurance, accident insurance, car insurance, or in a legal firm with lawyers dealing in bankruptcy, intellectual property, employment, or civil litigation we can help you effectively communicate your message and guide your audience. Here is some information that can be shared with your callers using your Message on Hold:

  • FAQs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Award Programs
  • Promote New Services
  • Promote your Website

Holdcom has a range of audio marketing services to suit the needs of the largest insurance system or firm, while fitting into the budget of a small company. Providing solutions to accommodate multi-location facilities and equipment to meet the needs of any sized facility.

Does your call processing systems provide a professional, unified, voice to your callers? We believe that communicating a clear message is crucial to fulfilling the objectives of your IVR system. For busy companies with multiple departments, professionally recorded voice prompts will appropriately greet callers and help them navigate your phone menu.

  • Efficiently Route Calls
  • Offer 24/7 Self-Service
  • Present a Unified Voice
  • Leave a Lasting First Impression

Stay customer-centric and direct callers on hold to other resources such as your website. Boost public relations initiatives, educate callers on additional services, and keep callers informed. Let callers know about recent and upcoming changes in the industry that will be affecting them and how your business can help.

Audio Marketing

Start improving the patient experience today.

Mark Silber Attorney”]Yours is the one product and service that exceeds all claims. It pays for itself, probably every thirty days or less. I get people calling here asking to be placed on hold. I want to thank you loudly for selling me on the service. Now, I’m happy to sell anyone else on the service. You worked with me, got me the “voice” I wanted, and even allowed me to write my own script. Did I ever tell you what prompted my first inquiry, more than 15 years ago? My secretary put my mother on hold. I had rigged up a radio station to play into my Nortel system. When I picked up, my mother complained she had to listen to a radio commercial for another law firm while waiting for her son to pick up. Within the hour I was on the phone with your company, and have not hung up, since. Great job, great product, great service, and thanks for your continued support. Too bad the new digital products are more durable than the old looping tape recorder I started with. Thanks, again.

Mark R. Silber
Mark Silber Attorney

Our new recordings sound fantastic! The voice is superb and fits perfectly with the jazz background music. It actually sounds like someone enjoyed putting that mp3 together and really caught the ambiance of our New York Metro office! If it was you, do take a bow, because it is an excellent job! Many thanks!

Susan Jones
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

Just a quick note to say thanks again for another great audio file, after business hours. I received the file yesterday and after listening, installed it onto our phone system. Very professional from my very first email to receiving the finished product.

Laurence R. Handwerger
Handwerger & Sons, Inc.