About Holdcom

Holdcom Building Exterior - Message On Hold Service Provider

Holdcom is dedicated to helping business communicate with their customers. Founded in 1987, in the days when the telephone was the most effective business communications medium, Holdcom showed businesses how to leverage this tool with innovative voice solutions to promote, inform, and influence their customers. Utilizing the power of the recorded human voice, Holdcom offered the best Message On Hold and Voice Prompt solutions available.

Over the years, as business communication has evolved, so has Holdcom, remaining on the cutting edge while staying true to our roots, bringing multimedia solutions to telephony, the Internet, instore, video, and emerging digital mediums. We continue to offer the most effective marketing solutions for business, backed by the highest level of customer service.

Why Audio Marketing?

Audio is the secret weapon of great communications: a perfectly chosen word, an intelligent voice over reading, and a clear and balanced blend of music and speech all have lasting impact. From On Hold messages on the phone to overhead music and announcements in retail environments, we are not always aware of great audio, but we are painfully aware when audio is less than perfect. Holdcom works with the finest voice over talent, the most prestigious music houses, and the most advanced audio technologies, to meet this challenge.

Social media, smartphones, and new sharing platforms have raised customer expectations. In a digital world where image is ubiquitous, having a solid audio marketing strategy will not only set your business apart, but provide the highest quality customer service.

Why Video and Digital Media Marketing?

Look around. Everywhere you turn, including your smartphone, there’s a video screen. This is where the eyes of your customers are and it’s where your brand, products, and services need to be. But how, where, and with what? Holdcom offers a varied suite of digital media and video services along with a perspective on the ever changing nature of visual media. We have a knowledge and experience with with all the current and emerging video tools and solutions and can create content that catch the attention of your business audience.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Business…

  • Our team of multimedia marketing superstars can help you create wow-worthy content. Holdcom is dedicated to delivering the highest possible level of customer service.
  • Our Free Resources will help you create marketing and customer service strategies.
    • Our blog, Sound Communication, is frequently updated with quick tips, news, and marketing information
    • Our wide variety of downloadable tips and guides will give you an in-depth understanding of how audio can for for you.
  • To learn more about how our team can work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Holdcom History

With a decade of creating and producing audio behind them, Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman founded Holdcom in 1987, during the dawn of Message On Hold communication. Their business first took off under the name Promotions on Hold. One year later, in 1988, the company was incorporated as On Hold Productions until changing its dba name to Holdcom in 1993.

With voice production as its center, Holdcom continues to grow, expand, and diversify into all areas of multimedia digital applications, from telephony, to media, to the Internet… and beyond. (Click Here to read more Holdcom History)