Vanity Number

Vanity Numbers Will Win You Customers…and Hold Them

Holdcom’s Vanity Numbers service provides an important element in the effort to increase telephone traffic. A vanity toll free phone number uses words instead of numbers, like 1-800-MATTRES.

Top Ten Benefits of Using a Vanity Number

  1.  Increases ROI (return on investment)
  2. Your message will stay on consumers’ minds longer
  3. Increased Response Rates Credibility & Prestige
  4. Instant Brand-Name Identification
  5. Customer-Focused Image
  6. Stronger Presence in the Marketplace
  7. Increased Repeat Calling and Word of Mouth
  8. Better Customer Service
  9. Improving Customer Feedback
  10. Additional Sales Avenue

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A toll-free vanity number simply is a versatile marketing tool. With a good vanity number provider like Primary Wave Media, you will find a number that is perfect for your company.

Some companies ask you what you think is the best vanity number for your advertising needs. As one of the best vanity number providers, we will help you find the very best local vanity number for your company.

1-800-FLOWERS inform consumers that this company sells flowers and it provides them with an easy-to-remember toll-free telephone number to call when they want to send a gift. As your vanity number provider we find a number that fits all your company needs.


Numbers and letters mixed together is a called a number hybrid. Number hybrids are by far the most common mistake business owners make in choosing a toll-free vanity number. 1-800-592-LOAN is not nearly as valuable as 1-877-GET-A-LOAN. People can more easily remember words than numbers. A hybrid quickly becomes 1-800-something-something-something “LOAN” to the potential customer. A hybrid might save a few dollars on the monthly fee, but over time, you’ll throw away thousands of dollars on advertising and thousands more in missed business opportunities.

There are numerous benefits and reasons for businesses to use toll-free numbers, but the bottom line is that they just work. Toll-free vanity numbers are proven to increase the response rate to any type of promotion, to increase sales and even the dollar value of each sale. They have become a necessity and requirement for any serious business in today’s highly competitive market.


The number 1-800-FOOT-DOC is a great vanity number because it’s easy to remember and makes use of all seven digits—and it’s clever!

A vanity number is an alpha-numeric telephone number that contains a word or phrase that is memorable and communicates a message to the audience.

We hear and see hundreds of ads a day—how many do we truly remember? Everyone knows 1-800-MATTRES and their slogan, “Leave off the last S for savings.” Why? The number tells us exactly what the company sells, lets us know that the product is affordable, and gives us an easy, quick way to get in touch—with an unforgettable toll-free vanity number.