Main Menus

Sample scripts for main menus, business greetings, auto-attendants and virtual receptionists.


Sample scripts for business closed messages, holiday messages and away messages.


Samples of scripts used in IVR applications, phone system engine prompts or other telephony voice prompt applications

Business Closed Message

Thank you for calling the ABC company.  Our office is currently closed. Our operating hours are 9am to 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. To leave a message, press 1.

Smaller organizations may want to avoid routing voicemail messages to multiple extensions or departments. This simple message reassures the caller that they’ve reached the correct business, let’s them know when to call back and lists a voicemail greeting last for instances in which something can be replied to asynchronously.


During the next few minutes, we will guide you through the steps to fill out and submit the processing form over the phone. Please listen carefully to all prompts


We are transferring you to an Agent that can assist you over the phone. Please stand by.


Press 1 if you have a processing form that was recently mailed to you and it is in your possession, otherwise, press 2.

Code verification 

On the upper right hand corner of the processing form is a 12 digit order code. The last nine digits are underlined. Using your telephone keypad, enter only the last 9 digits of that order code now.

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