Introductory Message on Hold Sections

The intro greeting should be a reassurance that the caller has reached the correct organization along with general information about the company, and information that you want the caller to have on hand. Good information to provide at this point might include organizational slogans, years in business and general product information.
‘We will be with your shortly’ Generic Introduction On Hold Greeting

You have reached {COMPANY NAME}.  We will be with you momentarily.  Please note your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.


Number One Source Generic Introduction On Hold Greeting

Thank you for calling {COMPANY NAME} – your number-one source for {describe type of service}.


Industry Leader Generic On Hold Introduction

You have reached {COMPANY NAME} – a leader in the {type of industry} industry.


Calls Will be Received Generic On Hold Introduction

Thank you for calling {COMPANY NAME}.  You will be assisted shortly.  Please note that all calls are answered in the order they are received.

Reassurance Generic On Hold Introduction

You have reached {COMPANY NAME}.  Please be assured that your call will receive the time and attention it deserves when we return to the line.

Informational Message on Hold Sections

Informational message on hold sections make user of wait time by providing the caller with product, service or support information. This is a good opportunity to cross sell items to the caller that they may be interested in, provide detailed location descriptions and general business background information.
Physical Therapy Informational On Hold Message

Did you know that at Parabolic you get individualized, one-on-one Physical Therapy sessions, and that we spend more direct, hands-on time with you than you’ll get at other Physical Therapy facilities? Well, it’s true-we purposefully limit the number of clients we take on so we can devote more time to improving each client’s health and performance. You can see for yourself how we set the standard in rehab and sports performance – just schedule your consultation today.

Don’t have a prescription? Don’t worry! New Jersey is a state that recognizes “direct access.”  That means you do not need a prescription to receive therapy for the first 30 days. If you need pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, our doctors will communicate directly with your doctor to make sure you get the best care for your recovery, and quickly return to your optimal level of health and fitness. Ask one of our specialists today how we can help coordinate and provide your pre- and post-surgical care.

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Helpful Message on Hold Sections

Helpful message on hold sections are meant to speedily improve the caller experience. Good content to provide during these sections might include information that the caller may be looking for on their call, information regarding access to a business location, troubleshooting steps and problem resolution and information on organizational changes that the caller may need before proceeding with their call.
Location Information and Directions

Our 249-bed facility is located on the North Well University Hospital campus in Manhasset, Long Island. This close proximity to the hospital allows residents to receive state-of-the-art emergency care when needed.

Be sure to visit us online at W-W-W dot Northwell dot edu forward slash Stern Center where you can learn about our services, get directions, and view our amenities.

Seasonal Message on Hold Sections

Seasonal and time sensitive message encompass information that may be relevant for a limited period. Common areas of focus might be season products – such as pools or outdoor equipment, special events and holidays, disease awareness and prevention and time limited promotional discounts.
Seasonal Promotional Message

Thank you for your patience. You will be assisted shortly…

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