Tune in to the Holdcom Marketing Triage podcast for an insightful episode featuring Julie Ganong, the innovative mind behind Chococoa Baking Company, as she delves into the topic “Brand is Everything.” Julie is part of the husband and wife team that founded and owns Chococoa Baking Company, renowned for its delicious and sophisticated treat known as the Whoopi, an updated, rich, gourmet version of the classic whoopie pie made with premium chocolate and all-natural ingredients.

In this episode, Julie shares her invaluable real-world experiences and solutions that emphasize the paramount importance of a trusted brand in marketing. She recounts the journey of creating the adult version of the Whoopi Pie, only to find that people of all ages embraced it wholeheartedly. Through the power of branding, the Whoopi Pie became a hit at weddings, backyard celebrations, and even during the pandemic, where they introduced the fun and relevant “mask Whoopi pies.”

Julie’s marketing genius truly shines as she explains how her brand’s success is rooted in community engagement, reinvention, and strict adherence to quality. They continuously surprise their customers with new flavors, keeping the brand fresh and exciting. By nurturing a strong sense of connection with their product, Chococoa Baking Company has cultivated a loyal customer base and loyal Whoopi Pie ambassadors across the country.

From their charming cafe to their online presence through social media and email marketing, Chococoa Baking Company effectively spreads the word about their delightful treats. Their versatile product serves as a perfect gift for clients and employees during holidays and corporate events, fostering even more connections and brand recognition.

Whether you’re a healthcare marketer looking for inspiration on building trust or a brand marketer seeking to elevate your brand’s presence, this episode of the Holdcom Marketing Triage podcast with Julie Ganong is a must-listen. Unlock the secrets of branding success and discover how a simple dessert can become a symbol of community, joy, and care, making your brand truly unforgettable.

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