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Offering professional audio recordings is an excellent way to differentiate your business from the competition while providing door-opening, deal-closing, and revenue-generating opportunities.

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The easiest, most efficient way to sell audio recordings to your clients is to send them to the Holdcom Audio Production Store with your special Reseller promo code.

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  • You request a Referral Promo Code and send it to your clients.
  • Your clients place their orders.
  • We carefully track and administer orders placed with your promo code.
  • We receive, produce, and deliver orders directly to your clients, offer customer support throughout the process.
  • You receive a commission check for all orders placed with your promo code.


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Top 5 Things To Promote Your Promo Code

Congratulations on having a Holdcom promo code! With this code, you can earn 20% commission when your clients order professional greetings for their phone systems. But how do you make sure your clients know about this great offer? Here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Add a footer or banner ad to your website: By adding a banner or footer ad to your website that promotes professional greetings and includes your promo code, you can capture the attention of potential clients and encourage them to take advantage of the offer.
  2. Do an email campaign: Send an email campaign to your existing clients and let them know about the benefits of professional greetings. Holdcom can even help write the copy for you. Include your promo code in the email so your clients know they can save money while improving their caller experience.
  3. Include professional greetings with every new sale proposal: When you send a proposal to a potential client, make sure to include information about professional greetings and how they can benefit from them. Include your promo code in the proposal so they know they can save money by working with you.
  4. Add a link to the voice samples: Get people excited about professional greetings by adding a link to the voice samples on your website. This will give them a taste of what they can expect and encourage them to take advantage of your offer.
  5. Use relevant keywords on your website: Make sure to use keywords on your website that are related to professional greetings. This will help your website rank higher in search engine results and make it easier for potential clients to find you.

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