Your In-store Audio Solution

Our Overhead Music Solution is secure and easy-to-use. So whether you have one or a thousand locations, our overhead music solution will work for you. You won’t believe how quickly and easily you can be playing great music at your place of business!

Let our experienced team create unique playlists and branded messages to enhance and control the entire in-store audio experience for your customers. Create an environment that is both exciting, customer friendly, and business-generating.

Within your facility, you can combine your background music with overhead announcements that speak directly to your customers. A professional voiceover talent can create announcements that improve in-store marketing, customer service, and the overall customer experience.

Not only will the announcements get your shoppers’ attention, but background music will hold their attention and grow your business by resonating with your client base. Music changes the way people feel:  it can keep them in your store longer and invite them to return. Furthermore, the careful use of voice interspersed with music creates advertising and selling opportunities that directly impact the bottom line. Create the atmosphere you want and enhance your brand. Speak to a Holdcom representative about a specific solution that best fits your budget, marketing, and customer service needs.

  • Suitable for any size business.
  • Creates a rich, enjoyable experience for customers and guests.
  • Turns  into a revenue-generating channel.
  • Wide range of music selections..
  • Comes with professionally programmed music playlists – or build your own!
Equipment Rental
$15.00per month
  • Playback quality up 128 Kbps
  • Fully configurable playback options
  • BGM input with adjustable fader and mixer
  • Dual independent output channels
  • Internal monitor speaker
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty
Music Subscription
39.00per month
  • Extensive music selections, from major labels to indie bands
  • Programmed music playlists
  • Create custom music playlists
  • Completely administered over the internet.
  • Secure - only accessible with User ID

Overhead Announcement & Music FAQs

  • 8 Track

    Best of the 60’s and 70’s – music legends to one hit wonders guaranteed to induce nostaliga.

  • Power Hits

    All the hits and nothing but the hits – a mix of contemporary chart toppers.

  • Country Classics

  • Classic Rock

  • Lite Classical

  • Blues

  • Contemporary Instrumentals

  • Easy Listening

  • Easy Jazz

  • Holiday Mix