The Telink is a professional-quality telephone-loadable digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for Message on Hold applications. Ideal for traditional PBX users with available POTS or DID lines who need to update their messages four or more times per year.

The Telink comes standard with 32 minutes of non-volatile, high-density flash memory and offers a wealth of standard features including fax-line sharing, voice-line sharing and distinctive ring compatibility. Also standard is a “night answer” mode to answer the phone after business hours and play a separate night message for callers. This updated model adds a high quality internal speaker and is packaged in an industrial aluminum case that is smaller and easier to wall-mount.

  • 8-16 minutes of continuous audio playback
  • Sample rates at up to 92 Kbps
  • Fax share / line share capability
  • 8 ohm and 600 ohm outputs
  • Simple remote load with no user intervention necessary

Telink devices must be connected to an RJ-11 line to receive updates – a pass through port is provided for those who intend to let the device share the line with another device. Audio output is mono RCA, with adapters to other connections available.


Telink 700a User Manual