The iLink LCD is a two-channel network connected messaging system for businesses who require an enterprise grade Message on Hold or overhead announcement solution. The unit has an advanced scheduling and playback system that provides more flexibility than any other message playback system – ideal for organizations doing frequent updates, four or more times per year. It has a number of redundancy and maintenance features that make it essential for high volume environments where downtime is not an option.

The iLink LCD connects to the Internet through its built-in 10/100 LAN jack. All unit management and audio file downloads are performed by the authorized supporting dealer over the Internet using our secure NTL Studio software suite. The integrated two-way (push or pull) feature combined with the ability for changes to be initiated on demand or be scheduled from minutes to weeks in advance provide unlimited flexibility and convenience.

  • 10/100 Ethernet LAN

  • Complete unit management via Internet

  • 2 x 16 backlit LCD screen with input keys

  • Playback quality up to 128 Kbps

  • BGM input with adjustable fader and mixer

  • Dual independent output channels

  • Internal monitor speaker

  • 1-year parts and labor warranty

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

  • NEW – Rack Mount Option Available

Installation of the iLink LCD requires an available Ethernet LAN connection, and appropriate network configuration. The device supports 8 ohm or 600 ohm playback, and has a pass through port on both A and B channels that will allow for users to play existing music or announcements through the system without disrupting audio solutions already in place.

iLink LCD User Guide