Whether it’s planes, trains, buses, car rentals, limos, or cruise ships, we can get your company speaking to millions of customers every day with valuable, time-sensitive information. At Holdcom, we have experience in maintaining single locations as well as enterprise organizations with many locations in different time zones.

  • Reinforce your brand.
  • Share schedules.
  • Promote discounts and coupons.
  • Provide fare and toll updates.
  • Share alerts on service changes.
  • Update timely information like emergency plans.
  • Provide information on amenities.

People depend on you to get where they need to be. It’s necessary to maintain open communication with your customers. Regardless of delays due to local events or weather emergencies causing groundings, clients must be informed and kept up-to-date. A client who gets a notification will see your company more favorably then a client who rushes to get where they need to be to find out that their flight is cancelled due to weather delays.

Holdcom has a range of audio marketing services to suit the needs of any transportation organization. Not only can we provide the services you need to sustain open communication, but it’s affordable. We can work with you to meet your communication needs within the budget you have. More than one facility? No problem. We have multi-location solutions to accommodate you and equipment too.

Keep Riders Informed

Update riders with time-sensitive information affecting them.

Voice Prompt Recordings
Message on Hold
Overhead Announcements & Music
Voice Prompt Recordings

Communicating a clear message is crucial to fulfilling the objectives of your clients. By using an IVR system, it’s possible to keep everyone informed without flooding your operators with calls. Busy transportation companies don’t have the time to deal with all the phone calls coming in about changes to schedule, fares, policies, and delays. Easily route calls to the appropriate individual by segmenting calls by route or location, all while creating a sonic brand for your company.

Message on Hold

Boost communication initiatives, educate riders, and keep clients informed. Easily share delays and schedule changes, or changes to fares and tolls.

Overhead Announcements & Music

Keep riders informed. Share information using your overhead announcement system. Let riders know next stops, delays, and contact information.

Message on Hold
Voice Prompts