Whether it’s voice prompts to direct your callers, or message on hold programs to entertain callers waiting for the hostess Holdcom is your one-stop solution.  We can add custom music to your Message on Hold to meet the ambiance of your brand. From the most luxurious restaurants to the corner pizza store we can meet your audio marketing needs. Have a chain restaurant or one location? No problem, we have the equipment & services necessary to keep a unified voice throughout all locations.
Audio marketing can be used to promote:
  • Hours
  • Seasonal Menu
  • Monthly Specials
  • Available Party Rooms
  • Ingredient Information
  • Delivery limitations & info
  • Promote Chef’s Background
  • Website & Social Media Info.
  • Newsworthy Buzz
  • Upcoming Charity Events
  • Provide Gift Certificate Info.

Audio Marketing

Start improving the patient experience today.

Boost public relations initiatives, educate callers, and keep callers informed. Let callers know about menu changes, special ingredients, recent news and awards, and upcoming promotions. Assure callers they haven’t been disconnected while optimizing the time to promote your business.

Communicating a clear message is crucial to fulfilling the objectives of any business. Regardless, if you’re a chain restaurant or a local eatery you need to present a professional unified voice to callers. Voice prompts are a great way to direct callers to the appropriate person. Voice prompts can be used to:

  • Share directions.
  • Setup reservations.
  • Provide location address.
  • Provide private party information.

Message on Hold has offered us the flexibility to create messages that our guests receive during that awkward period of having to place a guest on hold for whatever reason. Many times we hear from callers that they have learned something new about us. We change the message often enough that it is always fresh and informative. We are very happy with Holdcom, and this is why we have used them for so many years. Thank you for being a wonderful marketing partner to us!

Diane Carr
Bernards Inn

My partners didn’t believe in message on hold – but once I used it, the response I got was tremendous. People don’t seem to mind waiting on hold. It’s long enough where you can hear most of it, short enough where you get the important bits and pieces. I can’t recall how many times people say ‘Oh! I didn’t know the train goes right by your place’ or ‘I didn’t know Oktoberfest started already,’” all because my message on hold program informed them. A local restaurant might be small potatoes compared to some of Holdcom’s bigger clients, but I always get treated as someone special – that is how I want my customers to feel – sitting at my table, or even on hold, or on line.

The Iron Horse