General Logistics Company Information

Freezer/Refrigerator Shipping

We consolidate freight shipments to grocery and food-service companies using our own refrigerated trucking fleet.  Whether it’s truck to truck, container to truck, or truck to container, you can count on us to handle your products safely, efficiently, and quickly.  Visit us on the web at – where you can take a look at our services, learn more about us, and more.

Shipping Service Script Samples

Efficient Delivery Sample-

Give A.B.C Logistics a call to discuss your L.T.L. rates. Our marketing partnership with FedEx trucking allows efficient deliveries and competitive rates. Next day and expedited services are also available. Do you need to pick up a container today? Contact us and we will let you know our availability immediately.

Logistics Multilingual Script Samples

Multilingual Sample-


ABC is dedicated to the shipping and transportation business. Our services concentrate mainly on servicing the global trade; please visit our website at for more in depth information about our services.


ABC está dedicada a la transportación marítima,nuestros servicios se concentran principalmente en servir al comercio global, conéctese a nuestra página en la red y se enterará más a fondo sobre nuestros