No matter what kind of healthcare practice you have, we have the telephone voice recording services you require, from voice prompts, to Message On Hold, to overhead announcements. Healthcare facilities need to keep patients informed and up to date so they can stay healthy! Professional audio for your phone is the perfect solution. Stop overwhelming your staff with phone calls and direct callers to the information they need. You can easily share information with your patients that may include:

  • Available health services.
  • Office hours.
  • Doctor awards and recognition.
  • Additional location information.
  • Accepted Health Insurances.

Ease patient strain by providing answers at the tip of their fingers with professional voice recordings.  Provide a quality first impression that will keep even the smallest practice or clinic in budget.  We have the patient solutions you’ve been looking for. And with an extensive roster of professional voices, you’re sure to find the voice to best suit your brand.

Soothe Patient Nerves

Audio marketing the solution to start improving patient experience.

Voice Prompt Recordings
Message on Hold
Triggered Overhead Announcements
Voice Prompt Recordings

Imagine your practice appropriately greeting every caller, and providing a professional impression, while adding to your branding efforts. Voice prompts are the solution you need for any size practice. The last thing you need to do is provide your address, give directions, or discuss your office hours over the phone.  You can provide:

  • Directions to the office.
  • Office policies.
  • Accepted health insurances.
  • And office hours.

Voice prompts can save your staff from needing to take every phone call that comes into the office. Instead you can silo callers to the appropriate individual or a professional prerecorded message with the information they need.

Message on Hold

In a busy Healthcare practice it’s to be expected that your callers will be placed on hold at some point. It’s in your best interest to take advantage of that time to inform callers why your Healthcare facility is different from any other.

Part of a bigger healthcare system? No problem, we have semi customized plans that would allow locations to have similar programs with two paragraphs differing for each location. Having a semi-customized program is just one option available. Need equipment for your phone system? We have that too. Contact us today and let’s start discussing how Message on Hold can raise your patient’s experience and raise awareness of your brand.


  • Doctor Awards & Recognition
  • Practice History
  • Additional Locations
  • Available Services

Within your medical office, announcements and overhead music can be used to set the mood in waiting areas, elevators, and common spaces. Calm patient nerves with calming music paired with a soothing professional voice. We offer a flexible solution that can be easily customized for every facility’s unique needs

Triggered Overhead Announcements

Overhead Announcements that are triggered throughout the day are a great way to inform your patients. They can be used to let patients know about:

  • Quiet Time
  • Birth of a Child
  • Policies & Procedures
Message on Hold
Voice Prompts