Pediatric & Specialty Dental Care Script Samples

Pediatric Dentist-

Why choose a pediatric dentist? For starters, Pediatric Dentists’ professional education includes two to three years of specialized study AFTER completing dental school, qualifying them specifically to provide both primary and specialized oral healthcare for infants and children through adolescence. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Greg and experience the difference for yourself. New patients are always welcome.

Child Dental Care-

The right time to schedule your child’s first visit is shortly after the eruption of the first tooth – around six months of age – or by their first birthday.  The earlier you visit, the sooner we can help you prevent disease and start your child off with a lifetime of healthy smiles! Bring your child in for the first time (by their first birthday) for a complimentary visit.  After evaluating your child’s dental health, we will design a personalized home care program which includes brushing and nutritional counseling. We welcome patients with special needs.

Implants & Missing Teeth Script Samples

Periodontal & Dental Implant Treatments-

Periodontal and dental implant treatment techniques vary according to the needs of each individual patient. Our office provides in-depth consultations, at which time the Doctor will provide comprehensive details regarding all recommended therapy, options, cost, and estimated length of treatment. Schedule your consultation today with a member of our staff.


Do you have certain teeth that are loose or missing?  You may have thought about implants, but didn’t want to endure months without teeth during the process or spend week after week undergoing treatment at a dental office. Great news.  Now at ABC Dental, you can have Immediate Dental Implants.  We are a leader in implant technology and provides immediate dental implants and teeth replacement in just one visit.  Schedule your free consultation today.

Payment & Insurance Information Script Samples

Dental Insurance-

Please note, we accept a number of insurance plans including Delta Dental, United Concordia, Capitol Blue Cross, Health America, Highmark Blue Shield, Medicare and Metlife. Additionally, our office accepts VISA, MasterCard and CareCredit. Our staff will be happy to provide any additional payment or insurance information. Please log onto ABC Dental dot com for more helpful patient information.

Additional Dental Message On Hold Script Samples

Endodontic Treatment-

While we have you on the line, we’d like to take this opportunity to briefly explain endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment, also known as a root canal, is the removal of the nerve or pulp from within the canal. Endodontic treatment is performed when the nerve is inflamed or infected. For your convenience, endodontic treatment can often be performed in one or two visits and with our state-of-the-art treatment. At ABC Endodontic, we will be able to help you keep your natural teeth as a healthy foundation for years to come. Please note that once ABC Endodontics, completes your root canal, you must schedule a follow-up visit for your restoration, with your dentist.