The automotive industry is fast-paced and exciting, with new models constantly being created, changing features, and technological options coming out all the time. Using audio is one affordable marketing strategy for businesses in the automotive industry. Audio content can be an informative, engaging, and exciting way to enhance your marketing content. Share with callers information such as:

New Models

Seasonal Promotions

Recent Awards

Regardless, if you’re a dealership or manufacture vehicles, we can help you reach your audience. Audio marketing can be used on phones, overhead announcements, and videos. Improve the client experience starting today with services such as Message on Hold, Voice Prompt greetings, and narration. You’ll find the services needed to meet your communications and sales needs.


Promote Your Cars

Don’t waste time start promoting your cars today with audio marketing!

For busy dealerships and facilities with multiple departments, professionally recorded voice prompts will appropriately greet callers and help them navigate your phone menu. Whether you’re a dealership that needs additional routing between brands, leasing and sales, service departments, or a rental operator shuffling callers between locations and areas, a professional auto-attendant is a must have.

  • Efficiently route calls.
  • Lower hold times.
  • Present a unified voice to your callers.
  • Give your business a more professional image.

Message on Hold is an essential way to reach callers. Instead of filling hold time with music or silence, on hold programming allows you to promote new features and models, keep callers up to date with industry trends, and highlight seasonal service specials. Keep your callers well informed with a customized Message on Hold program. We have programs and equipment to accommodate any situation.

Within your dealership or service facility, you can use background music to set the mood in waiting areas, elevators, and common spaces. We offer a flexible solution that can be easily customized for every facility’s unique needs.

Use overhead announcements to compliment your background music and create an in-dealership radio station. You can inform callers about your services, new models, promotional discounts, and more. Having overhead announcements recorded by professional voice over talent ensures they are communicating your messages clearly.

I have explained to everyone at NJTC that you and Holdcom do a terrific job. In fact, I have suggested that you give lessons in customer relations at Harvard Business School. You may use me as a reference at any time.

Richard Kay
North Jersey Truck

The words that come to mind in all my interactions with Holdcom are “Professional, extremely helpful and timely.” John sends reminders when it’s time to update our script. Our updates are ALWAYS completed quickly and tech. takes care of loading them just as quickly. The recordings are very professional and the sound quality is the best I’ve heard.

Janice Webster
Medford Ford