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Contract Number – GS00F149GA

DUNS Number – 605233964

SIN Number – 541810 & 541820

Creative Audio Enterprises, Inc dba Holdcom is a pioneer and leader in Message On Hold (MOH)  services and telephony voice recordings that improve organizations’ customer service and communications. For over 30 years we’ve produced custom MOH programs, IVR voice prompts and Auto-Attendant announcements.

Message On Hold

Custom messages for your callers waiting on hold. Leverage time callers spend in the queue. Deliver targeted & helpful messages. Reduce call abandonment.

Voice Production

Replace your phone greetings with professional voices. Improve customer experience. Optimize call flows. Remove caller bottlenecks.

Radio Commercial

Capture listener attention and attract new customers while reinforcing your message.

Multilingual Recordings

Reach your audience with authentic multilingual voices. From Mandarin to Russian we have the voices you need.

Script Translation

We have translation services available for all languages and can even provide back-translations when required.


The right voice, delivered in the right style, pace, and rhythm, will make any presentation come alive, and connect you with your audience.

Why Creative Audio Enterprises Inc dba Holdcom?

  • Flexible Update Plans

    We have a range of solutions to meet the needs of any organization, including multi-location and multilingual plans.

  • Dedicated Professional Voice Talents

    We have a dedicated staff of voice talent professionals and voice actors.

  • High Degree of Customization

    From the voice, music, tones, and scripts we can create a totally custom project for you.

  • Outstanding Customer Retention

    We’re always establishing meaningful relationships with clients, our team interacts with clients over the phone, via email, and through live chat – educating, guiding, and providing attentive customer care.