COVID-19/Vaccine Messages

FREE audio files have been prepared for usage below

Holdcom has prepared a package of pre-recorded professional messages that have educational and safety information that may be implemented at no cost for any facility in need. The message content is based on official CDC guidance with up-to-date details and action steps that callers and patients are advised to follow.

• The CDC recommendations for healthcare facility preparedness specify that automated telephone system tools should utilized effectively
• Using automated call routing and IVR systems are recommended by the CDC for emergency and public crises response – a workbook of best practices is provided on their site (PDF link)
• There is a complete checklist for healthcare communicators with an overview of information for public health.

Access free COVID-19 and Vaccine Audio Messages

Vaccine Info

If you’re calling to find out where to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we encourage you to visit — a platform that helps people find vaccine providers in their communities. As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available to the public, VaccineFinder will require providers to report the number of vaccines they have in their inventory each day. Providers can also make their locations visible to the public when the vaccine becomes more widely available. For now, the vaccine will be available to a limited number of people through pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

As we’re all aware, COVID-19 continues to be a rapidly evolving situation. In the meantime, we will continue to follow C.D.C. guidelines.


Any or all of the above informational messages can be ordered as a custom voice prompt recording

Q & A Messaging

Keep the public informed. Minimize the amount of necessary interactions your callers, readers and patients need while keeping them up to date with instructions and best practices. The Center for Disease Control has provided guidance for facilities and health departments encouraging effective use of telephone systems to deliver messages to incoming callers about when to seek medical care, when patients should seek emergency care, and what treatment steps suspected cases can take remotely.

Coronavirus Phone Scripts

Any or all of the above messages can be ordered as a custom voice prompt recording

Telephone Triage

As potential cases and public concern spike, use your phone system’s auto-attendant and automated caller distribution tooling as efficiently as possible to triage callers. Some suggested pre-call messages and inserts with cornavirus specific messaging are provided.

Coronavirus Hold Messaging Scripts

Any or all of the above paragraphs can be added to existing Message on Hold orders

Hold Queue Triage

With elevated caller volume, healthcare facing call centers and information desks will likely see extended caller queue times. Adding relevant coronavirus informational messaging could keep callers pre-informed with accurate information and action steps.