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Create Unified Image
Reach a Diverse Customer Base
Properly Train Employees
Voice Branding

Create Unified Image

Phone menu prompts don’t require human interaction, and can be a great way of routing callers appropriately. Not only does it create a unified sound, but limits the number of incoming calls. Using an IVR system can also be a great way to gather quality and accurate information from your callers.
Your auto attendants, IVR, ACD, and voicemail should have a unified sound. Make sure the phone prompts that welcome and guide the callers are clear, concise, and professional, with a voice that matches your brand and culture. You may not get a second chance!

Reach a Diverse Customer Base

  • Reach Callers with Multilingual Recordings
  • Localized Speakers Available
  • Simple Translation Process
  • High Quality Recordings
  • Client Review of Translation

Properly Train Employees

eLearning can be impersonal, but if done properly can have major advantages over traditional training techniques.

Learning Styles

See how audio can meet the needs of multiple learning styles.

Increase A Learner's Engagement

Find out how to increase a Learner’s engagement!

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Voice Branding

Message on Hold is a powerful tool that if used properly can increase caller awareness towards:
Service or Product Promotions
Completing Overall Branding
Other Forms of Contact
Answering FAQs

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