Message On Hold and Professional Recordings for Healthcare

Audio marketing allows Hospitals and Healthcare facilities to communicate with, inform, and educate patients, callers, and visitors. The well tailored use of audio has allowed healthcare facilities to:

  • Improve patient care.
  • Boost public relations initiatives.
  • Grow patient acquisition, loyalty, and engagement.

Holdcom has a range of audio marketing services to suit the needs of the largest healthcare system as well as the budget of a small private practice or clinic.

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Downstate LICH Repurposes On Hold Content

Downstate LICH Repurposes On Hold Content

The Challenge:

Downstate - Long Island College Hospital (LICH) has been enhancing their website.  Zipporah Dvash, VP Public Affairs & Development, wanted to make existing web content more engaging and dimensional—without…

Downstate LICH Repurposes On Hold Content
Manorcare Case Study

Manorcare: Message On Hold Phone-Side Manner

A manager of a large group of nursing homes in the northeast needed to communicate information about its facilities to an extremely sensitive caller profile.

Their nursing home data indicated that…

Manorcare: Message On Hold Phone-Side Manner
Care One Case Study

Care One: In-Hospital Experience Assessments …

Care One Solutions, the providers of Care Ensure, a real-time, in the hospital, patient experience assessment system needed to provide professionally recorded content along with voice content provided by a…

Care One: In-Hospital Experience Assessments …
Community Blood Services Case Study

Community Blood Services: Encouraging Donors

Community Blood Services, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and replenishing the blood supply for hospitals in Bergen County, NJ, was hard pressed to increase an ever diminishing inventory of…

Community Blood Services: Encouraging Donors
Smart Practice Case Study

Smart Practice: Drilling Down

Smart Practice, a leading catalog company for the dental industry, wished to offer a Message On Hold product that would suit their customer profile.

They knew there would be interest among…

Smart Practice: Drilling Down
Clara Maas Case Study

Clara Maas Health System: Message On Hold

Clara Maas Health System, like so many hospitals, recognized the importance of implementing Message On Hold service to improve communications with its public. But, they also wanted to serve the…

Clara Maas Health System: Message On Hold

Audio Services for Healthcare Facilities

 Message On Hold is an essential way to reach callers. Instead of filling hold time with music or silence, on hold programming allows you to boost public relations initiatives, educate patients, and keep callers informed. Click here to learn more.
For busy practices and larger facilities with multiple departments, professionally recorded voice prompts will appropriately greet callers and help them navigate your phone menu. Click here to learn more. 
Within your medical office or facility, you can use background music to set the mood in waiting areas, elevators, and common spaces. We offer a flexible solution that can be easily customized for every facility’s unique needs. Learn more.
Use overhead announcements to keep patients, visitors, and staff in your facility informed about visiting hours, security codes, and more. Having them recorded by professional voice over talent ensures they are communicating your messages clearly. Click here to learn more. 

Whether you want to keep your staff informed about new policies or want to teach patients about managing their help, web-based learning programs, which incorporate audio and video, are an effective way to keep everyone in the know. Click here to learn more.
Get potential patients and new staff acquainted with your facility by providing an online virtual tour. These tours can highlight your unique specialities, state of the art facilities, and recent awards. Click here to learn more.

Resources for Healthcare Facilities

In How to Leverage Audio Marketing for your Healthcare Facility, you’ll learn:

Free Whitepaper for healthcare professionals - audio for PR and patient care

  • How industry leaders use audio for marketing and patient care strategies
  • How to make call processing helpful and informative for patients
  • How to incorporate audio on your website, Social Media pages, and virtual tours

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The healthcare-related articles at Sound Communication, the Holdcom blog, will keep you informed about current events, trends, and strategies for healthcare public relations and patient care.

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I want to express how wonderful it is working with Holdcom. You and your team are amazing. The professionalism is second to none and you are always willing to work something out with your customers. Your timeliness is very helpful and you know exactly what your mission is, and it is executed beautifully. Your attitude is infectious, and words cannot express my gratitude. Keep up the good work and have a great day.

Frederick Campbell

Thank you to everyone for working on this and finding a solution! I am so appreciative of the time each of you took to resolve our previous problem… We all agree that Holdcom overhead music and on hold messages are great services and would like to continue to work with you. Thank you again for everything.


Just a quick note to tell you that my relationship with your company has been stellar. Rob is a very client-focused representative and your company is one of the best companies that I deal with on a monthly basis. I also think your product is excellent. Thanks for all of your help and good work! Your thoughtfulness, time and consideration have made my life a lot easier and, more important, have helped our hospital.

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