Business Music Services… A Sound Selling Environment

Background music for your business will hold your customers’ attention while they’re in your facility and grow your business by resonating with your client base. Music changes the way people feel, ¬†keeps them in your store longer, and invites them to return.¬†Furthermore, the careful use of voice interspersed with music creates advertising and selling opportunities that directly impact the bottom line.

As a Authorized Value Added Reseller for Playnetwork, Holdcom can provide your organization with the music (or music and announcement) solution that will create the aural atmosphere you want and enhance your brand. Speak to a Holdcom representative about the specific solution to best fit your budget and marketing and customer service strategy.

Holdcom’s Overhead Music and Messaging Solution:

  • Is suitable for businesses of any size, from enterprise to single location.
  • Offers a rich, enjoyable experience for customers and guests.
  • Turns in-store audio into a revenue-generating channel.
  • Offers extensive music selections, from major labels to indie bands.
  • Comes loaded with a wide range of professionally programmed music playlists – or build your own!
  • Completely administered over the internet.

Holdcom’s Background Music Library for Business

Our Overhead Music Solution is secure, simple to use and extremely powerful. So whether you have one or a thousand locations, our overhead music solution will work for you – with just a few mouse-clicks – to get the outcome you want. You won’t believe how quickly and easily you can be playing great music in your business!

Use Our Business Music Services to Create Your Instore Radio Station

For enterprise implementations of our music services, let Holdcom’s experienced team of audio producers create unique playlists and branded messages that will enhance and control the entire in-store audio experience for your customers. Create an environment that is both exciting, customer friendly, and business generating, while you brand your store in a way that outdoes the competition.


Overhead Music FAQs

Can music play more than one zone of my store or facility at a time?

Yes. The App is capable of creating two completely distinct audio zones – with music and/or messages on each zone.

Do you require an Agreement?

Yes. All music is provided using underlying agreements to maintain compliance with U.S. and international copyright law. Our agreement is your verification to the Performance Rights Organizations (ASCAP and BMI). Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Is this Royalty-Free Music? Are the music royalties included with my subscription?

Our solution maintains strict compliance with U.S. copyright law. Royalties are included for the purpose of ambient music and telephone on-hold music. We offer ALL Major Labels and thousand of songs by Independent Label Artists.

Can you help me make music playlists for my business?

Yes we can. Our overhead music solution come pre-programmed with professionally designed playlists that you can use as is, modify, or blend with additional playlists. Plus, our audio producers will use their experience working with sound to help you create unique playlists perfect for your clientele.

Music programming expertise is on stand-by to help you whenever you ask.

Do you install audio systems for business?

We use a network of Independent Audio Installers across the United States to help you with audio system installation.

Do I need an overhead audio system?

Yes. We provide background music content that plugs into your music amplifier or stereo receiver using a standard RCA connection.

Can my employees change the background music while I’m gone?

No. Only the Account owner, with secure ID and password, can make updates.

How fast can I hear my overhead music and announcement updates?

You can hear your programming changes (e.g. changing music, adding new messages) automatically in less than one hour!

Do you require a ”programming request” to change music?

No way! Using your on-line account, you are in 100% control 24/7/365 of all music and message playback. We’re here if you need advice or help.

Can I use a ”home stereo” or basic receiver to amplify my over head music in my business?

Yes. The output from our solution is in mono format. Just let us know you’re using stereo when you order and we’ll include a free signal-splitter to provide content for both stereo channels.

How Does Holdcom’s Overhead Music Solution Deliver ROI?

There are a number of ways that the Holdcom overhead music solution pays for itself. First and foremost, it enhances the shopping experience: customers will enjoy being in your store, and they will spend more time shopping. Your customers become a captive audience, exposed to your advertising and promotional messages delivered to them at scheduled intervals, creating buying incentives.

What Differentiates Holdcom’s Ambient Music Solution?

Holdcom’s solution stands out in three main areas:

  • First is our Philosophy. We believe 100% in the self-directed consumer. We’re not about telling you what you should have, we’re about helping you get what you want. Our role is to give you the best toolset on the planet to make that happen.
  • Second is Technology. Our Internet-based software gives you a combination of control and ease-of-use you won’t believe.
  • The third is Approach. No gimmicks. No nickel and dime add-ons. Just a great product at a fair price.

Do you handle large, multilocation system roll-outs of business music services?

Yes. No matter what the size of your business, we have a solution for you.