What do you want your Blue Cross Blue Shield callers to hear?

Lost in the Queue? Frustrated Callers Seek Clarity...

Delight your callers with clear & Engaging Messaging!

Why Choose Us? We Turn Caller Frustration into Clear, Caring, Connections in Healthcare.

At Holdcom, we’re more than just a studio; we’re your trusted partner, dedicated to enhancing your healthcare insurance services and delivering clear, concise messaging for an optimized caller experience. 

  • Professional IVR Voice Recordings – Improve your customer intent, reduce handle times, and increase CSAT scores with professionally recorded voice prompts. Our seasoned voice artists provide clarity, reliability, and a warm touch to guide callers seamlessly (In ANY language). 
  • Self-Service Audio Production Store – Streamline your audio needs. Our user-friendly audio production store enables you to select a voice, paste your script, and receive audio within three business days. Efficiency, simplicity, and excellence combined. 
  • Custom Music and Message on Hold – Enhance caller engagement, convey essential information, and reduce the number of calls agents need to handle with call deflection and self-service options. Transform wait times into valuable moments.
    Queue Announcements – Inform and engage callers with real-time queue and hold time messages for a smoother experience, even during peak call times. 
  • Language Replacement for Video – Expand your reach with language replacement for video content. Break down language barriers and communicate effectively to diverse audiences. 

Request a free greeting

Request a free greeting

Proudly serving Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ since 2001 with all their English and Spanish recording needs.

I’d like to take a minute to thank you both and your team for responding so quickly to our needs during COVID. You clearly believe in customer service and recognized our immediate need (during COVID) in helping communicate with our callers. It is a big reason we decided to go with your company for the phone tree recordings. You are easy to work with, professional, and we consider you a solid partner! Be safe and be well!

Marcy Manheim
Director, Marketing & Public Relations

It’s perfect! Please proceed. Many thanks for the swift turnaround.

Barbara Cron
Director, Marketing Communications

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Account Manager

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Script Manager

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