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The leadership of Holdcom has been the same since the company’s inception in 1988. It is comprised of its two founders, Neil Fishman, and Harvey Edelman, and their Director of Operations, Andrew Begnoche’. Their philosophy is based on open doors and open communications between all Holdcom teams with a commitment to respond to all client issues in a timely and positive manner.  Meet the Leadership Team.

Client Relations

Client Relations is the heart and soul of Holdcom, as they represent our most consistent communication with our customer base. Client Relations handles incoming calls, fulfills orders, and establishes meaningful relationships with present and future clients.  They interact with clients over the phone, via email, and through live chat – educating, guiding, and providing attentive customer care. Whatever a client’s needs or issues, Client Relations is ready to provide a solution or escalate to a Team Member who can.  Meet the Client Relations Team.

Content Team

The Content Team is comprised of professional writers schooled in the art of writing scripts for voice recording. They can alternately advise, assemble, and create customized content for Message On Hold programs, IVR announcements, eLearning scripts, virtual tour scripts, and virtually any audio marketing application. Our Script Consultants work directly with clients to create content that reflects their company’s vision; they are responsible for researching and organizing. The Script Department is the liaison between our Voice Talent and Production Department. Meet the Content Team.

Production/Tech Support

The Production and Tech Support Team is responsible for the finished product in a range of mediums. For audio, they’re responsible for infusing the scripts with sound: they hold live studio sessions with voice talent, edit and produce the files, and are responsible for sending the final product directly to the client. Production analyzes the sound files second by second, deleting breathiness, adding spaces, clipping, stretching, and restructuring; they insure clarity, high quality, and that proper file formats are used. General maintenance, equipment monitoring, and troubleshooting are also key elements of their duties. Our Video Specialist along with others create and develop a wide range of visual  productions. Meet the Production Team.

Marketing Team

As marketing strategies evolve and become more “new media” driven, Holdcom has expanded its marketing initiatives to reach the ever-growing social media world. Holdcom’s marketing team is committed to publishing daily blogs, monitoring social media accounts, creating email campaigns and developing press releases to educate customers and provide information on the latest audio marketing strategies. Meet the Marketing Team.

Contact Us

Whether you wish to praise us for a job well done or criticize us for falling short of your expectations, we want to hear from you. Hearing directly from our clients about what we excel in or what we don’t, is the best way for us to continually improve the way we meet our clients needs, goals, and expectations.  We also want to know about any and all audio applications that we can help you with, whether we’ve done it before or not. Click here to get in touch with our team. 

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