eLearning Audio


Adding sound, including dialogue or sound effects, to online training programs makes the content more dynamic and sticky. Many eLearning projects use dialogue as a teaching device, and require not just voice talents, but voice actors to convincingly portray a multitude of characters.

Whatever your medium of choice…PowerPoint, Flash, Video, Film, or Avatar, Holdcom’s expertise in scripting and audio production, combined with its comprehensive roster of veteran, multilingual voice actors, will effectively deliver your information and help achieve your training and learning objectives.


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In addition to advancing the eLearning initiatives of our individual clients, Holdcom provides ongoing solutions for companies specializing in web-based training, including:

  • Oddcast
  • PrimeLearning
  • LivePerson
  • Circuitnet
  • General Physics
  • Studio1011, Inc.
  • Magnum Group