Script Services

It all starts with a script. To produce great audio recordings, you have to know what you want to say. Our team of script consultants can help transform your ideas into engaging scripts that are written for the ear.

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Our experienced and talented copywriting staff will work with you to create, revise, and prepare your project for studio production, paying close attention to detail along the way.  We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, including major ad agencies, to create scripts that reach and influence targeted business audiences.

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Script Consultation

A basic script consultation is included with every order. One of our script consultants will read through your script, proofread, and ask you about pronunciations or changes.

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Translation Services

It’s easy to communicate in your native tongue, but much more difficult to write in a foreign language. By working with some of the top language cities in the New York Metropolitan area, we’re able to ensure excellent translations by native speakers with fast turn around at an affordable price.

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If you have an audio production you’d like recorded but don’t have your original script, we’ll listen to the audio and transcribe it for you. Then, we’ll keep a copy of your script in our archive so you never have to worry about losing your script again.

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If you need a starting point for writing your own script or are looking for a sample of what our team of script consultants can do, look no further than our script samples.

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