Professional Voice Recording For Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions can use audio to improve marketing and customer service initiatives. Banks, credit unions, and other organizations use sound to communicate with, inform, and educate clients, callers, and visitors.

Holdcom has a range of audio marketing services to suit the needs of the largest institution as well as the budget of locally based community banks. A variety of systems and service levels are available that can be customized for any organization’s requirements.

The well-tailored use of audio has allowed financial institutions to improve client services, boost public relations initiatives, and grow customer acquisition, loyalty, and engagement.

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Provident Bank: Award Winning Advertisements

Provident Bank: Award Winning Advertisements

The Challenge:
The Provident Bank, a Holdcom Message On Hold client, wanted to record radio commercials that were consistent with the bank’s image and other audio marketing. Their advertising firm, The…

Provident Bank: Award Winning Advertisements
Net Bank: Virtual Banking Success

Net Bank: Virtual Banking Success

The Challenge:
Net Bank, a financial institution with no brick-and-mortar locations, needed voice prompts for an IVR system that would efficiently and accurately route callers to customer service representatives. As…

Net Bank: Virtual Banking Success
First Financial FCU:Transitioning from Old to New

First Financial FCU:From Old Branding to New

The Challenge:
On its 70th anniversary, First Financial Federal Credit Union changed its name. The situation was tricky: for long-time customers, the name change could be startling; for recent account holders,…

First Financial FCU:From Old Branding to New

Audio Services for Financial Institutions

Message On Hold is an essential way to reach callers. Instead of filling hold time with music or silence, on hold programming allows you to educate clients about your latest products, provide tips about health finances, and encourage callers to use your online tools. Click here to learn more.

When clients call you, the voice that answers your automated system is a voice prompt. These prompts can help you automate many client requests, like balance checking. This leaves your call center agents free to assist with other matters. A professional voice ensures every prompt is clearly communicated. Click here to learn more. 

Within your institution, you can use ambient music to set the mood in lobbies, branches, and other facilities. We offer a flexible solution that can be easily customized for your unique needs. Learn more.

Use overhead announcements in addition to ambient music to keep your clients informed about your newest products, mortgage rates, and college savings plans. Having these announcements recorded by professional voice over talent ensures they are communicating your messages clearly and helps build a brand of trustworthiness and authority. Click here to learn more. 

Web based training can help your employees learn about new government regulations, corporate policies, or customer service. adding audio allows for engaging, interactive programs that make learning more sticky. Similar online programming can help teach clients how to achieve financial success. Click here to learn more. 

Marketing Resources for Financial Institutions

Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for Message On Hold and Telephony Applications

Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for Message On Hold and TelephonyLearn how to write the best possible scripts for Message On Hold, voice prompts, and more.

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Learn about audio marketing at our Resource center, or at Sound Communication, the Holdcom Blog.


In those instances when our customers need to be placed on hold, it is important that they be advised that their call is both important and that they are not being placed into an unending message loop. By varying our messages, with frequency, we are able to effectively reduce customer waiting anxiety while also creating possible future cross-selling opportunities. In any service business, outside vendor reliability can sometimes make or break a customer relationship. Holdcom’s service has always been exceptional.

Gary Perino, Public Relations Officer
Columbia Bank

Holdcom does a very good job in representing our products and services in an attention-getting manner. The wait that our callers experience is minimized by the fact that they’re hearing specific information that will benefit them. And our callers often comment on the pleasantness and professionalism of our messages. Holdcom has always been very user friendly. The staff is most polite and willing to assist in any way possible. They frequently call to see if we would like to update our messages and music, so that we can take full advantage of their service. Adnd they even assist in writing the scripts. We highly recommend Holdcom to any company who needs to place their clients on hold.

Geneva Cox, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Marketing

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