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Written by the Holdcom Staff

Perspective On Multlingual Communication

SOCAP CRM Winter 2013

Undestanding the importance of Communication

by Juli Durante
SOCAP Customer Relationship Management

Leveraging the Power of Smart Phones and IVRs

CRM Magazine Winter 2011

Reaching Your Customers with Smart Technology

by Andy Begnochè
SOCAP Customer Relationship Management

LinkedIn Success

CRM Winter 2009

LinkedIn Strategy and Approach for businesses

by Andy Begnochè
SOCAP Customer Relationship Management

Well Spent Time On Hold

Message On Hold is so much more than elevator music

by Harvey Edelman
Call Center Solutions

Holding For Success

Don’t let what your callers hear (or don’t)
on hold be the weak link in your marketing

by Harvey Edelman
Creative New Jersey

Written About Holdcom

Holdcom: Behind The Voice


by Ryan Greene
(201) Executive

Hold The Line

Star Ledger

Theatrical pair strike paydirt with service offering recorded phone messages

by Tom Johnson
Newark Star Ledger/NJ.COM