Real Country – Really Good Music On Hold

Real Country Music On HoldReal Country is a Music On Hold album immersed in Americana and the spirit of having a good time. The tracks are straight forward and pleasing to the ear – the perfect way to put your customers in the spirit of having a good time and enjoying your business.

“Pull Over” wakes you up with the sweet pangs of the electric guitar while forcing you to tap your foot to the snare drum keeping time throughout. The tight drum pattern lends a sincerity to the track and keeps a quick tempo.

The business that rocks out to “Aiming High” certainly works hard, but plays hard as well!  Your customers will enjoy the charming piano and harmonica riffs featured intermittently throughout. This track would work excellently for brand that wants to show they get the job done with confidence and personality.

“Cock Fight” starts out unassuming as the band tunes its instruments and the leader calls out the count off, but then right away gets your blood flowing.  The wail of the guitar and fast pounding drums demands the listener’s attention while your Message On Hold program is playing. This track is a great fit for business who want their customers to get up and move!

“Let Go Reverend” leads in with a little piano and gives way to a lead electric guitar that reminds you of gathering with old friends. If your business involves people and getting them together,, this track helps to convey that sense of community and involvement. The electric keyboard pops up at times and lends a modern but still bluesy feel to the piece.

Finally, “Sweet Thing” is one of this collection’s most mellow tracks and perfect for a variety of types of business. Subdued and wistful, the tempo still works for keeping your customers engaged and attentive while waiting on hold.

Real Country is a collection of down-home music that will make your customers feel like they are part of your brand and family. Customers who wait on hold sometimes complain that they feel unimportant or neglected by being on hold, but Real Country has a way of bringing them right in and making them feel appreciated.

Crisp Clean Acoustic: Professional Music On Hold

Crisp Clean Acoustic is a on hold music album befitting of its name. Ideal for a variety of professional services, the tracks featured throughout this album are warm, inviting and inspiring. Heavy on string instruments, the entire album has a light and airy feel to it.

The title track, “Crisp N Clean”, kicks it off with a modern and uncluttered sound that conveys a sense of trust and welcome, important for many businesses and professions. It allows the listener to picture a sunny weekend afternoon with a good book and cup of tea in his own living room.  It has a comforting sound and pace, with a quick strumming guitar.

As its name suggests, “Ocean Way Drive” does have a bit of a “beachy” sound due to  its calming and confident pace, easing into a jazzy guitar solo with acoustic strumming and strong backing chords. For clients who may be contacting you for the first time on the telephone, it’s important to be perceived as a “solution destination”–a business that can get the job done the right way, the first time and every time.  Any office looking to convey knowledgeable yet approachable staff would be wise to give “Ocean Way Drive” a listen.

“Walking Free” is a theme perfect for any business that wants to simultaneously express creativity, personality, and professionalism. Its alternating pace and bouncy feel suggest an uninhibited spirit, while the tight chord progression and piano introduced into the second half of the track show class and accountability.

While it’s not edgy, overall Crisp Clean Acoustic is an album rife with tracks you can consider very useful for Message On Hold music. The tracks throughout this album are appealing, approachable, and enjoyable, sure to delight your callers waiting on hold while complementing your messages and voice over talent.

On Hold Music Review: Big & Juicy Undersores 2

If you’re looking to spice up your Message On Hold program with crowd-pleasing tracks, Big & Juicy Underscores 2 has the potential and the variety to be appealing to a wide variety of industries and a broad customer base. This album is mostly upbeat and features a variety of styles, all with exciting melodies.

“Innovative Plain” is a fun track and get your nodding your head. There is one dominant melody line that appears throughout, with different pieces progressively building around it. The instrumentals are stylistic guitars, and an expressive and driving drum beat. I like this track because it is entertaining without being obnoxious, and is pleasant to listen to. It also gives off a welcoming vibe, which is the most important thing if you’re trying to attract customers.

“Life Ambition” is an uplifting track  that just has a very positive sound to it. While listening to this one, you can feel yourself being driven forward. The truth is people like feel-good music and this is a feel-good track. The song is upbeat with piano, guitar, strings, light drums and some other percussion instruments. This track will help you appeal to new customers and maintain loyalty from existing clients while complimenting all of your on hold content.

My personal favorite on this album, “The Difference”, is…well, a bit different than the tracks we’ve heard so far. The first minute is entirely electronic, but then it really kicks in with some piano, strings and hard hitting drum beats. This track is catchy and fun to listen to.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing hold music is to pick music that your customers enjoy listening to. For many businesses, this means finding the right mix of entertainment, professionalism, enjoyment, and comfort. Big & Juice Underscores 2 can help you achieve these goals

Super Duper Grooves: Modern On Hold Music

The album Super Duper Grooves has a bit of a funny name, but it does have some good grooves that just might be what you’re looking for in your new Message On Hold Program. I like these tracks because they sound very current, and are a far cry from most “Light Jazz” type on hold music. Many of the tracks on this album are a bit unorthodox in regard to Message On Hold, but there are definitely a few that are big winners in my book. This album is great if you want to give your on hold content a modern feel.

“Transporter” is probably the marquee track of this album, as it is very accessible and is frequently chosen by our clients across the spectrum of industries. I like this track because it’s a bit dreamy and smooth. It can help you give callers a feeling of comfort and security. This track achieves such a level of comfort and relaxation, while keeping it fun and upbeat. Musically this song is electronic and ambient.

The track “Slim Boy Phat”, a play off the DJ FatBoy Slim, has a much different sound than the previous. It is much more confident, and you can almost picture yourself walking through the casino with money in your pockets. It’s a track that’s exciting and interesting and will make your callers feel confident in your abilities. This track might be a little intense for some because of its electronic sound, with pianos, drums, turn table scratches, and brass, but I like it.

My personal favorite on this album is “Into The Blue.” This track is also an electronic song, but more so in the vein of “Transporter”: ambient but upbeat. I enjoy this track because of the haunting piano melody that airs out above the uptempo drum beat, and the “drop in” intro that just sounds great when timed with the beginning of your Message On Hold content. This song is classy and cool, a great pick for any business wanting to maintain those qualities.

Super Duper Grooves is an ideal choice if you want to use exciting interesting music on hold while maintaining business professionalism. Check out these tracks:

Acoustic Rock Themes

Acoustic Rock Themes is an upbeat contemporary album with fun, catchy melodies, obviously built fundamentally around Acoustic Guitar. This album features tracks ranging from power ballads to light rock tunes. It’s a great album for any company looking for a track that’s exciting and edgy while remaining sentimental and lighthearted. Unlike many of the other albums in our repertoire, these are not just good songs for accompaniment, but quality stand-alone tracks.

Acoustic Guitarl Music for Message On Hold Programs Album Cover“Deliver Me” starts with a driving bass and drum line, and slowly builds with guitar and strings. Throughout the course of the track, the song gains substance and continues to climb until the end where it finally slows down and resolves with a final strum of the guitar. I like this song for a sales-based industry because it has enough of an edge for a sales pitch, but also has a sentimental side that can help show dedication to excellent customer service and understanding.

“Lovely Liz” is an extremely catchy track, with great chemistry between the drums and acoustic guitar lines. This song is upbeat and pleasant to listen to. As is the trend with the entire album, this particular track builds, while adding strings towards the middle, and climaxes before coming to the final note. This track is very accessible in terms of its style and has that glossy feel, which is a great accompaniment when marketing new products and services to your callers on-hold.

“Ride Easy” has a bluesy feel to it, which makes it fun and casual, but still remains elegant. Starting with guitar from the very beginning, this track is perfect for sales, service, and more.

This is a fun album, on which all the tracks feature elegant melodies. I enjoy listening to these tracks and often choose them for application in Message On Hold programs. These are excellent choices for your on-hold material because they are upbeat but not overly aggressive, allowing your content to be accentuated but not drowned-out.

Album Review: Acoustic Underscores I

Acoustic Underscores I (3)For some businesses, it’s important to be viewed as a welcoming extension of the home. Message On Hold in this industry should have a real-life feel, as the “hard sell” is irrelevant and comfort and authenticity are held in the highest regard. Many tracks on Acoustic Underscores I will lend this feeling to your Message On Hold program.

“One Fine Day” is a very positive, upbeat track. It starts with a building mix of acoustic guitar rhythms, piano accompaniment, and a light tight drum beat. This track hits its stride when the electric guitar comes in with the main melody. I find this track appropriate because it is not overly aggressive, but is refreshing and exciting. The melody has an optimistic resolve, and I believe this is what you’re looking for to represent a friendly, approachable institution.

“Someday Soon” features driving, somewhat ambient, acoustic guitar riffs that build on each other over the course of the track. The song peaks towards the middle, then restarts and builds again adding electric guitars with a slight twang. Overall it is an emotional song, but it has a very sentimental feel to it. This is a necessity in portraying your business as one that cares and seeks to serve its clients’ needs.

“Can’t Walk Away” is my favorite from this album for this application, as I feel it is upbeat in a way that expresses concern and a desire to help. This song is comforting, and has a “homey” atmosphere that makes this very much a “feel good” track. The bridge of this song even introduces an organ solo, which makes this song fun and enjoyable.

Overall this album is pleasant to listen to, but not boring. Most of the songs are relatively upbeat with conservative melodies that give a comforting feel and express positive sentiments. I would recommend this for any company that wants to portray their business as a grounded, client-first establishment.

Reviewed by Brett Lubansky


Lifestles Music On Hold Album CoverFeelings of levity and fun can keep callers on hold interested in your content. The Music On Hold album Lifestyles has a positive sound, featuring tracks that reflect a very hopeful, optimistic sentiment. This is the perfect album for anyone looking to entertain and reassure callers on hold.

“Telethon” is one of my favorites off of this album. It is upbeat and light, with a fun melody. Quick guitar lines drive this track, with some piano and synth pads to fill it out. The result is an overall enjoyable track that would lend itself well to descriptive content. If you’re looking to add levity while giving a comfortable and casual feel to your Message On Hold content, this song is ideal.

“Smooth Character,” is a classic light jazz track. While some might call light jazz elevator music, I think it is a great background in an on hold marketing program. The tempo of the track is upbeat, and the driving rhythms keep it interesting. As one might expect, jazzy guitars are the feature of this piece, with a tight drum kit, and some keyboard solos thrown into the mix. Adding “Smooth Character” to your program gives it a very confident feel and relatable feel and trustworthy feel. It’s both traditional and unexpected.

My number one pick off this album is for sure, “American Theme.” This song has a very catchy melody which gives it a positive feeling.  This track has professional elegance but still remains fun. The guitar leads and airy synth background, along with strumming acoustic rhythms, allow this track to whisk you away and leave you feeling extremely optimistic.  “American Theme” leaves your listener with overall good feelings, which is ideal for an on hold program.

This album is full of fun tracks that are interesting all the way through—but they are not too extravagant as to take away from your content. If you’re looking to combine excitement, trustworthiness, and professionalism, Lifestyles has the perfect variety of themes to highlight your Message On Hold Script.

Homes and Gardens

Homes & GardensHomes and Gardens is a low-key, warm-sounding album that can be effective for a variety of companies. The tracks add comfort and positive sentiment to content within the context of a Message-On-Hold program, and are all great complimentary choices.

The track “Rustic Charm” features cascading acoustic guitars with rhythmic piano, and a driving drum beat that give a sense of purpose. This is an appropriate tune for a company looking to represent professionalism with unique “charm.” Many tracks on this album bring warmth to content, including this one. Warm music helps convey a sense of trust and reliability, perfect for businesses who want to put callers at ease and assure them that they will be fully taken care of.

I enjoy “Cajun Flavor” because it brings an element of fun to the table. Similar to “Rustic Charm”, it has a warm sound, but it also has a little more of a party feel to it. This song is predominantly acoustic guitar, with a mixture of different types of percussion. On hold, “Cajun Flavor” will keep your callers in a good mood. It’s perfect for a Message On Hold program that needs to be entertaining while still conveying professionalism.

“Designs” has a classy feel that seems appropriate for the more formal marketing messages—but don’t worry, it’s not too stuffy. Once again, acoustic guitars lead the way with light percussion providing a light beat and direction. This track is perfect for the company looking to present themselves as a trusted partner and a vendor that will exceed expectations.

The tracks on Homes and Gardens can be applied to nearly any company wishing to produce an on hold marketing program that exudes trustworthiness. The tracks offer tremendous variety, from those with a party atmosphere, to some with formal flair, to still others that are completely down to earth. And your customers will really enjoy them—they’re among my favorite and are certainly not your ordinary “elevator music.” Overall, choose this album if you want to portray elegance through simple tunes and fun arrangements.

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Electro Lounge 2

Electro LoungeFor certain industries, it’s important to keep callers on hold feeling relaxed and comfortable. The airy style of Electro Lounge 2 is a perfect fit for these industries. The melodies are dynamic and interesting while maintaining subtlety that allows for elegance to shine through. If your business is looking to communicate ease and class, this is the album for you.

While listening to the track “Lift”, you can almost feel yourself starting to space out and float away. It’s a somewhat upbeat track, but the repetitive synth pads throughout this song create a light-hearted, gentle, and fun atmosphere. This track enhances the features described by voice over talent. The song mixes some electronic and ambient piano leads intermittently, which give the track some shape, and help create the vibe of kicking back and taking it easy. There is a certain level of elegance in this track as well, which would be perfect for any business wishing to make their callers on hold feel relaxed while portraying an upscale image.

“Flow Buzz” follows somewhat of the same formula, but this track is driven more by an aggressive and repetitive drumbeat. Reverberated cascading flute leads give this song a distinct sound. Combine these with a foundation of mellow tones and light synthesized piano pads, and this song achieves a cool, chic aura. I would recommend this for the business that wants to portray an elite level of service for a memorable experience.

Overall this album features a variety of tracks that are complementary for the facility looking to enhance their voiceover content. These tracks would definitely bring to life the features described, and would allow the listener to wander into the desired mentality of relaxation and renewal. This album is relevant for any business that is looking to put their listeners at ease through peaceful, soothing music.


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Biz 2

Reviewed by Joe Blakely

album coverBreath in, and release. This album is sure to hit the tranquil spot in anyone’s ear. With its spacey themes and soothing synths, it is pure melodic bliss. When listening to this album I feel my inner chi yearning for a yoga mat and a bonsai tree, trying to escape to my room with the fountain in it!

Some of the highlighted tracks you should definitely check out are Human Interest, Cloud Images, and On Target. Human Interest is an upbeat melodic piece with haunting synths that are extremely pleasing to the ear. When listening to this track I feel as if I am floating through space and taking in the wonders the universe has to offer.

Cloud Images is on our themes by industry page, and rightfully so, this track is versatile because it is upbeat, but doesn’t drive your listener to the point of forgetting that part about relaxing. It too has haunting synths and bright melodies spread throughout.

Last but not least is On Target. With a name like that how could you not like this song. It opens with guitar harmonics and piano, then leads into aggressive synths similar to Human Interest and Cloud Images. These three tracks are just a small part of a great album ripe for the picking by you the consumer.

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X Games and Cinematic Promos

On Hold Music Album Review: X Games and Cinematic Promos

Reviewed by: Joseph Blakely

x gamesWant to inspire action from your callers while they wait on hold? The grungy tracks on X Games and Cinematic Promos have fast tempos that will give your Message On Hold an edgy sound, challenging your listeners to answer your calls to action.

The tracks on this album have fast tempos and grungy melodies that will give your Message On Hold an edgy sound, challinging your listeners to answer your calls to action. “Zig Zag,” one of my favorites off this album, has strong guitar that cuts through the track, making it an especially exciting listen. Another one of my top picks on this album is “Reach for the Gold.” It inspires and has a mild olympian feel to it that is sure to make your customer feel like that they are, in fact, reaching for the Gold.  Last but not least we have “Power Surge,” a super speedy track that will have your listeners moving their feet and eager for more.

Give this album a listen and you will definitely find something that will fit the sounds you—and your callers—are searching for.

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Holiday Cocktails

Album Review: Holiday Cocktails

Holiday CocktailsThere’s something undeniably classy about Holiday Themes done within the light jazz genre. In fact I find that the Holiday Season isn’t in full swing until I hear a lazy drum beat with a melodic saxophone. If this is the Holiday mood you would like to convey in your Message-On-Hold Program for the next couple months, check out Holiday Cocktails in our Holiday Music Library.

“Winter Holiday, Holiday Cheer” is the track that epitomizes the cozy holiday feeling we all know and love. With the lazy jazz kit, easy saxophone melody, and fun piano rhythms, you can picture yourself around the fire enjoying a winter evening among friends and family. This track is neutral in affiliation, so is the perfect choice for a company looking to bring in the Holiday season celebrating the season itself.

“Jingle Bells Jingle Jangle NY Style” brings the classic tune of Jingle Bells to life in a cool urban Jazz club style. Featuring a bouncy bass line, saxophone and clarinet soles, and the same riffing piano parts, this track is simply what the Holidays are all about. With how busy the Holiday season always seems to be, this song slows everything down to just the right pace.

My personal favorite from this album is “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, recreated in a smooth, sophisticated arrangement. The piano drives this track, carrying the melody and ripping through solo sections. The bass also takes a prominent role, giving the song a fun bouncy feel. This track will have your callers snapping their fingers and bobbing their heads with such enjoyment you might find them asking to be placed back on hold.

I find this track to be the perfect Holiday-Themed compliment to your usual Message On Hold content if anything just because it is overall relaxing and low key. It brings a warmth to the holiday classics, and is professional sounding to bring a jazzy swagger to your program while maintaining its credibility. Pick a track from this album and bring the Holidays in style.


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Sun Seekers

On Hold Music Album Review: Sun Seekers

Reviewed by: Joseph Blakely

sun seekers

Sun Seekers features many great Light Jazz tracks on it, making it a popular choice for music on hold. The tracks range from serene and peaceful to those with little more moxie. Choosing a song from this album will leave your customers ears and minds at ease while they remain in call queue. When giving this album a listen, you should check out a few tracks and decide for yourself, which track fits your Message On Hold program the best.

A great starting point is “Beach Patrol.” It is one of the more relaxing tracks on this album and has a nice summer feel to it. “Holiday Time” is a one of those tracks with a little more spice to it, with acoustic guitar that will tantalize your ear and leave you feeling upbeat.

Give this album a listen and chose a track, you’ll be glad you did!

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Piano Underscores

Album: Piano Underscores

Piano Underscores-On Hold Music Album Review

Piano Underscores is one of those albums that’s just pleasant to listen to. Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet piano melody with an up-tempo beat? This album has a crisp, professional feel that would make it the perfect complement to any business marketing script. Here are a few tracks I would recommend:

“Places and Faces” is my personal favorite from this album. This track is extremely positive and upbeat. Consisting of a piano melody, a progressive drum beat, rhythmic acoustic guitars, and some electric guitar licks, the song displays the perfect blend of class and fun. I would use this track for a company looking to present a modern, professional vibe for their business.

“Accomplishments” is a bit more emotional than the previous, with a driving melody and a variety of themes. This track is a little heavier, and builds as the song goes on. By the end of this track you might find yourself feeling as if you have accomplished something yourself, just because of that “ALRIGHT!” vibe it gives off. I like this track for a company looking to drive home content pertaining to their values and business purpose.

“Strength of Character” is a bit more light-hearted than the previous two. Ambient electric guitar lines give this track a relaxed, modern atmosphere that makes it stand apart from the rest of the album. As is the theme of this album, the piano is also present, adding depth to the track’s melodies. This song is soothing, and would be excellent for a company looking to put their caller’s at ease while still pushing the professional, modern feel.

I like this album because it’s just generally good music. In this industry you find a large concentration of light jazz, and this is different enough to make it unique when heard on hold. I would definitely recommend this album for any company looking for an upbeat contemporary soundtrack to their marketing.

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Inspired to Rock

Album Review: Inspired to Rock

inspiredtorockBusinesses within industries that deal with frequent technological advancements often need to instill in their customers a feeling of comfort while still making their products and services convenient. Inspired to Rock is an album that encompasses this edginess with an altogether bright, sharp sound to its tracks. For the most part it is an up-tempo contemporary album, with crisp guitar leads throughout, giving it a modern vibe.

The track “Sparks”  begins with a delayed electric guitar melody, which in a sense is the theme of this album. The brightness of this track gives off a sense of optimism and overall positivity. This positivity is perfect for conveying a feeling of competence to callers and customers. I think the modern feeling of this track is also fitting for institutions wanting to portray technological sophistication and experience.

“Blue Mountain Sky” has an anthem feel to it, with grooving guitars and a forward-moving up-tempo rhythm. This song expresses to me the idea of cooperation, perfect for a business that intends to work with their customers to achieve the greatest level of satisfaction. Despite the somewhat edginess of the melody, this song encourages an emotion of comfort and trust. These are the very important principles on which business relationships are based.

My personal favorite from Inspired to Rock, “Bright Vision” begins with a mesmerizing pattern of palm-muted guitar notes. It takes on a strong rock melody, mixed in with some lingering leads and interludes. This song is built to represent the fun, modern, professional company, with it’s cool atmospheric sound. The bass line in this track keeps things moving forward, which gives it a feeling of reassurance and progress. This track is a perfect choice for companies looking for a fresh feel and great up-tempo melody, without being too over the top for a professional environment.

As mentioned, the modernity and edginess along with the positive-sounding riffs provide a solid background for breaking ground with customers and portraying an optimistic, trustworthy business partner. Used in a Message On Hold program, Inspired to Rock can help you build your business relationships.

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Discovery – Tranquility For The Business Caller

Album: Discovery

DiscoveryHoldcom offers an album that goes against the grain with the New Age Collection: Discovery. The overwhelming theme of this album is tranquility, and throughout the tracks you’ll find soothing melodies communicated through guitar, synth pads, piano, and even chimes. With this encompassing theme however there is still enough variety to make it flexible for multiple applications.

The track “Back to Nature” epitomizes the peaceful aspects of this album, taking the listening on a journey into an imaginary paradise. With a constant pad of synthesized strings, a gentle piano melody lingers with a flute lead that creates a surreal, relaxing experience. If you’re concerned about call abandonment, having this track on hold might have your callers asking you to keep them there!

Another track, “Thai Chi,” begins with the quiet plucking of strings, and builds to an atmospheric combination of tones and reverberating synth lines. The song gives the impression of drifting off into yet another imaginary paradise, and ends in a way that could only leave you wanting more. Lucky for the On Hold listener, the song will probably play on a loop.

The more upbeat “Bell Tones” gives a more contemporary feel to this new age arsenal. This song has a more aggressive beat to it, as well as some more “out there” melodies. If you are looking to convey a confident, smooth image, this track will get you there.

“Community Care” has a sympathetic tone, giving a sense of purpose to whatever text it supports. This song has a bass line taking the lead in the intro, with ambient piano cascading in the background. The melody hits its stride when soft guitar fades into the mix, and finishes with a quiet exit.

If you are looking to put your callers at ease while holding for business, this album has the right stuff. The ambient, tranquil moods from track to track give the listener a feeling of peace and relaxation, leaving them perfectly captivated to take in the business content you would like them to hear.

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Cool Young Stuff Volume 4 – Head Into The Danger Zone

Album: Cool Young Stuff Volume 4

Reviewer: Joe Blakely

Cool Young StuffWhen you are looking for something with an edge for your on hold programming, you are heading in the right direction with the choice of this album. Ripe with overdriven guitar and an upbeat tempo, it’s something reminiscent of music in the montage scenes of 80’s movies classics such as Top Gun or Breakfast Club.

Though keeping a mainly upbeat pace throughout, one track that stands out in the album is “Look Both Ways” with its delayed guitar over a serene acoustic guitar pattern, it is definitely something new for your customers while they are on hold. Another crowd pleaser is “Home Grown,” suitable for anyone in the summertime that wants a blues/country feel to their Message On Hold.

The Pièce de résistance of this album is a track by the name of “All I Need.” It leaves me feeling great, like I have finally accomplished an especially hard–I’d like to call it, the “sound of success.” If you’re trying to keep your customers upbeat and “grooving” when you put them on hold, Cool Young Stuff Volume 4 is an excellent choice.

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Leisure Lifestyles – Mellow Rockin’ Album

Album: Leisure Lifestyles

Reviewer: Joe Blakely

leisure lifestylesThis mellow rockin’ album will provide upbeat music for your message on hold program. With a combination of acoustic guitar, light percussion, and piano on many of the wonderful tracks, you will leave your customers in a more relaxed state while they are placed on hold.

The title track of this album “Leisure Lifestyles” is a great choice for your MOH, it has beautiful piano lead and is filled out by the support of synths and drums, it has an upbeat pace, but at the same time puts the listener at ease. “Free and Easy” is another good cut off this album; it leaves your listeners feeling as if they are at a spa on a tropical island.

One last track you might consider is Hollywood Hills, the pure simplicity of the track makes for one that anyone can enjoy and bop their heads too. With its mildly overdriven guitar and gentle percussion wrapped up by a beautiful piano synth, you’ll feel as if you’re in a swanky jazz lounge.

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Happy Happy Holidays – And I Mean Happy

Reviewer: Neil Fishman

At first glance, the double modifiers in the title of the Happy Happy Holidays CD caught my attention. This new addition to Holdcom’s holiday music library certainly isn’t subtle in its presentation, and after reviewing the 12 themes in this collection of contemporary musical styles, I came to the conclusion that it is appropriately named.

Indeed, the tracks are happy.

In the tradition of most production music libraries, all of these selections are instrumental, covering a range of pop, rock, electro pop and dance groove. Solid rhythm tracks form the basis of the arrangements, and there is no shortage of obligatory bells and chimes to satisfy the holiday mix. Although tracks are “sweetened” with an array of synths, their utilization is tasteful and not blatant, as may be the case in other electro holiday adaptations.  If you are looking for a hipper holiday sound that captures the upbeat, positive spirit of the holiday season, look no further than Happy Happy Holidays.

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Christmas Crackers – Holiday Hope For Hipsters

Album: Christmas Crackers

Reviewer: Nicholas Bolton

Christmas crackersMan, there’s nothing that boils my blood like outdated holiday cheer. After years of drowning in everything Christmas – families huddled together, roaring fires, Santa, Bing Crosby (believe me, real terrifying stuff) – I wonder how I muster the courage to unwrap my presents.

Now that I think of it, old Bing has single-handedly done the most damage to not only my holiday cheer, but also my greater self-esteem. This man haunts my radio from beyond the grave, forcing me to endure hackneyed renditions of his “cheery classics.”

But recently, I have found hope. While perusing the newly updated Holdcom holiday music library, I stumbled upon an album that, unlike those by Bing, is a true masterpiece: Christmas Crackers,

Orchestrated by the world famous composer Colin Baldry, Christmas Crackers features timeless classics in more…modern arrangements. Take “Silent Night.” In this reviewer’s opinion, nothing really captures the essence of the elegant carol as well as this arena rock arrangement. And when I think of my ideal Christmas morning, it most certainly includes an eerie techno version of “We Three Kings.” Another dance hit is “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” which captures the euro-pop dance craze of the mid 90s, and makes it extremely difficult to resist digging out my DDR pads and having a fit.

Concluding the album is everyone’s favorite, “Auld Lang Syne.” Featuring a raging dance beat, drunken gang vocals and bagpipes, this song is sure to reveal the inner Irish raver in us all. Other equally eclectic arrangements include a reggae version of “Jingle Bells” and a mambo take on “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” that are sure to catch a listener’s attention.

Weeks ago I would have told you hope is lost, that I will be forever doomed to walk the earth alone on the 25th of each December with my head low, covered in a thin layer of mud. But like the fabled scrooge, I too now feel enlightened, and believe it or not, it’s all because of this fabulous album I found on the Holdcom music library site. Christmas Crackers, holla! Now instead of spending Christmas morning with old Bing drilling my ear, I party down with my boo, shoot down Santa and beat that beautiful beat.

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