Lifestles Music On Hold Album CoverFeelings of levity and fun can keep callers on hold interested in your content. The Music On Hold album Lifestyles has a positive sound, featuring tracks that reflect a very hopeful, optimistic sentiment. This is the perfect album for anyone looking to entertain and reassure callers on hold.

“Telethon” is one of my favorites off of this album. It is upbeat and light, with a fun melody. Quick guitar lines drive this track, with some piano and synth pads to fill it out. The result is an overall enjoyable track that would lend itself well to descriptive content. If you’re looking to add levity while giving a comfortable and casual feel to your Message On Hold content, this song is ideal.

“Smooth Character,” is a classic light jazz track. While some might call light jazz elevator music, I think it is a great background in an on hold marketing program. The tempo of the track is upbeat, and the driving rhythms keep it interesting. As one might expect, jazzy guitars are the feature of this piece, with a tight drum kit, and some keyboard solos thrown into the mix. Adding “Smooth Character” to your program gives it a very confident feel and relatable feel and trustworthy feel. It’s both traditional and unexpected.

My number one pick off this album is for sure, “American Theme.” This song has a very catchy melody which gives it a positive feeling.  This track has professional elegance but still remains fun. The guitar leads and airy synth background, along with strumming acoustic rhythms, allow this track to whisk you away and leave you feeling extremely optimistic.  “American Theme” leaves your listener with overall good feelings, which is ideal for an on hold program.

This album is full of fun tracks that are interesting all the way through—but they are not too extravagant as to take away from your content. If you’re looking to combine excitement, trustworthiness, and professionalism, Lifestyles has the perfect variety of themes to highlight your Message On Hold Script.

Welcome To Holdcom!

Holdcom would like to welcome our new hires:

  • Tony Dimaria, Video Producer/Audio Engineer
  • Steven Strauss, Client Relations Support
  • Clare Suereth, Client Relations Support/Communications Assistant

Holdcom New Hires- video production and client relations

From left: Tony Dimaria, Steven Strauss, Clare Suereth

This group of new hires will help Holdcom adapt to new technology and continue to provide excellent client service.

Script Tip: Great Voicemail Greetings

Professional Voicemail Messages for SmartphonesThere’s always a big focus to ensure that company Voice Prompts/Upfront Greetings and Voicemail recordings are consistent, but with the prominence of cell phones used for work related purposes…how professional is your outgoing message?

Often, there needs to be a decent amount of information conveyed in the outgoing greeting and if you’re trying to recall what that information is on the spot, you’re most likely stammering through the recording and/or surrounding it with plenty of “ums” and “likes.”

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Jot down what you feel is necessary for your callers to know.
  • Submit a request for a Cell Phone Greeting.
  • A Holdcom Script Consultant will make sure the copy is not too long and flows well.
  • You’ll also be able to choose a voice that best represents you and/or your line of work!

And there you have it – a Professional Cell Phone Greeting!

To help you determine what’s important, download our guide, Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

App Of The Month: TheAnalyst for Real Estate

TheAnalyst for Real EstateTheAnalyst™ for iPhone/iPad is a powerful suite of real estate analysis tools, that until now were only available on a Desktop.

TheAnalyst™ is a revolutionary iOS app designed for all commercial real estate practitioners. It features a combination of:

  • Financial Calculators
  • Investment Analysis
  • Specialized Tools

TheAnalyst™ contains a Patent Pending PDF report generator to create investment and analysis reports that can be emailed, printed and saved to your computer’s Dropbox account, all from your iOS devices.

Click here for complete details about this app

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