Get Real with Virtual Tour Audio [video]

Did you know that Holdcom can help you create a virtual tour that will show and tell your clients about your business? Our virtual tour audio services will take your tour and transform it into a realistic experience for your virtual visitors.

Check out how audio can affect your online content in our newest video:

You can order audio for virtual tours in the voice production department of our online store.

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Super Duper Grooves: Modern On Hold Music

The album Super Duper Grooves has a bit of a funny name, but it does have some good grooves that just might be what you’re looking for in your new Message On Hold Program. I like these tracks because they sound very current, and are a far cry from most “Light Jazz” type on hold music. Many of the tracks on this album are a bit unorthodox in regard to Message On Hold, but there are definitely a few that are big winners in my book. This album is great if you want to give your on hold content a modern feel.

“Transporter” is probably the marquee track of this album, as it is very accessible and is frequently chosen by our clients across the spectrum of industries. I like this track because it’s a bit dreamy and smooth. It can help you give callers a feeling of comfort and security. This track achieves such a level of comfort and relaxation, while keeping it fun and upbeat. Musically this song is electronic and ambient.

The track “Slim Boy Phat”, a play off the DJ FatBoy Slim, has a much different sound than the previous. It is much more confident, and you can almost picture yourself walking through the casino with money in your pockets. It’s a track that’s exciting and interesting and will make your callers feel confident in your abilities. This track might be a little intense for some because of its electronic sound, with pianos, drums, turn table scratches, and brass, but I like it.

My personal favorite on this album is “Into The Blue.” This track is also an electronic song, but more so in the vein of “Transporter”: ambient but upbeat. I enjoy this track because of the haunting piano melody that airs out above the uptempo drum beat, and the “drop in” intro that just sounds great when timed with the beginning of your Message On Hold content. This song is classy and cool, a great pick for any business wanting to maintain those qualities.

Super Duper Grooves is an ideal choice if you want to use exciting interesting music on hold while maintaining business professionalism. Check out these tracks: