Client of the Month: American Massage Therapy Association

Do your 2012 resolutions include taking better care of yourself – whether exercising more, eating less, quitting smoking, or simply pampering yourself more?  Did the holiday season bring you a gift certificate to a local spa?  Or did it stress you out so much that you’re rushing there on your own?

The Holdcom Voice would like to tell you more about the benefits of massage therapy by proudly featuring The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) as our January 2012 Client of the Month.  Founded in 1943, AMTA is the largest non-profit massage therapy professional association in the U.S. – with approximately 57,000 massage therapists and massage therapy school/program members.  AMTA has been a client of Holdcom’s since 2004.

American Message Therapy Association - Holdcom's January 2012 Audio Marketing Client of the Month“Our mission is to serve our members while advancing the art, science, and practice of massage therapy,” explains David French, Director of Marketing.  “The association is directed by elected, volunteer leadership and fosters member involvement through 51 state chapters.”

AMTA works to establish massage therapy as integral to maintaining health and complementary to other therapeutic processes; to advance the profession through ethics and standards, continuing education, professional publications, legislative efforts and public education; and foster the professional development of its members. AMTA provides information about massage therapy to the public and works to improve the professional climate for massage therapists. The association also helps consumers and healthcare professionals locate qualified massage therapists nationwide, through AMTA’s “Find a Massage Therapist®” free national locator service available at

As the largest, non-profit massage therapy professional association in the U.S., it’s needless to say that the phone rings often on a daily basis.  “Our message-on-hold program helps us inform our members about current activities of the association and directs them to the appropriate staff for assistance with their membership benefits,” states French.

“Holdcom works well for us and enhances our ability to continue to provide our members with quality customer service,” concludes French.

Congratulations again to our January 2012 Client of the Month, The American Massage Therapy Association, as we recognize them for their work in continuing to enhance the benefits of massage therapy.

Message On Hold Album Reviews: Soothing Spa Songs

Electro Lounge 2

album cover

When choosing hold music for a salon or spa, the value might be more in the mood than in the content.  When a potential client is thinking about a spa or salon they would like to visit, they are likely looking for a place where they can unwind and do something relaxing for themselves. Although a Message-On-Hold program for a spa would require a certain performance by the voice talent to communicate the soothing experience being offered, the music ties it all together. I picked Electro Lounge 2 as a fit for the salon/spa industry, because there are several tracks that communicate this experience through an airy and relaxed style.

“Trace” is the track that really sticks out to me on this album as a “spa song”. Just letting this one play, I can picture the whole scene of the salon, where people are relaxing and seeking some sort of outward transformation, and/or inward refreshment. This song features reverberant snare hits, with a mellow bass kick, accompanied by sustaining synth pads, erupting in a sea of soothing sounds. This is the soundtrack to that spa treatment getaway people daydream about. (Read More…)

Biz 2


Reviewed by Joe Blakely


Breathe in, and release. This album is sure to hit the tranquil spot in anyone’s ear. With its spacey themes and soothing synths, it is pure melodic bliss. When listening to this album, I feel my inner chi yearning for a yoga mat and a bonzai tree, trying to escape to my room with the fountain in it!

Some of the highlighted tracks you should definitely check out are “Human Interest”, “Cloud Images”, and “On Target”.  “Human Interest” is an upbeat melodic piece with haunting synths that are extremely pleasing to the ear. When listening to this track I feel as if I am floating through space and taking in the wonders the universe has to offer. (Read More…)

Continuing the Celebration: Holiday Party 2011

Our annual holiday party took place on December 16, 2011. Between the funny photos and Just Dance! tournament, it’s hard to choose which of the festivities was the best! See for yourself:

The staff goofed around with winter scenery, moon walks, and Parisian strolls:

Green Screen Photo Collage

Our Just Dance! Tournament was won by our very own Audio Production Supervisor, Brett Lubansky!

And of course, everyone enjoyed great food and great company:

Holiday Collage

January 2012’s Script Tip

pencil on white paper with eraser

Winter 2012 is upon us!  If your company or organization needs to announce any special Winter promotions, services, and/or business hours in any of your audio marketing formats, be sure to contact your script consultant right away.

Also keep in mind that if you would like to customize your Message On Hold program for the season, HOLDCOM has a variety of pre-written Winter-related paragraphs to include in your next script update. Topics include:

  • Winter driving safety and automobile maintenance
  • Snow shoveling safety
  • Winter health & exercise tips
  • And more…

For 2012, make a resolution to keep your on hold marketing up to date and informative!

Be sure to ask your script consultant for details!

Do you look forward to our Script Tip every month? Then our “Script Tips Greatest Hits Compilation” is for you. We compiled the best of our Script Tips into a must-have quick reference.

Click here to download

Cassettes are out! Time to Upgrade Your Message On Hold Equipment


For the new year, we all want something shiny and new…doesn’t your business? If you’re still using cassettes to play your Message On Hold program, be warned: cassette tapes aren’t produced anymore, and we can’t continue to provide them!

To make it easier for you to update your Message-On-Hold equipment, we’ve lowered the list price on digital equipment at the Audio Production Store. Plus. we’re giving you a $50 promo code, so you’ll save a total of 50% off our original list price!

Having the most up-to-date technology will not only insure consistent and reliable on-hold messaging, but will provide you with a more convenient means to implement your program updates. Get the most out of your on-hold marketing and kiss those cassette tapes goodbye!

Click here to save $50 when you upgrade your Message On Hold Equipment

Holdcom 2012 Food Drive

Food DriveHave you started your company food drive yet? Take part in the 2012 Holdcom Food Drive by downloading our informational packet, collecting non-perishable food items, and having Holdcom pick them up. On February 14, we’ll drop off the donated items at Eva’s Kitchen in Paterson, NJ.

11.5% of NJ residents suffer from food insecurity – that number doesn’t go down just because the holidays are over.  So please help us to do good year-round and support a worth anti-poverty organization.

Click here to download the packet, or email

Thank you in advance!

Ring In The New Year With Holdcom’s 2012 Calendar Strip

Now that 2012 is officially here, it’s time to hang up your Holdcom 2012 calendar strip! Don’t have one yet? Email and we’ll send one your way. These handy strip calendars attach to the side of your computer monitor with a non-permanent adhesive. The front is slightly sticky, too, so you can attach notes and reminders. Check out our calendar strip in action:

Holdcom Calendar Strip

How are you using your calendar strip? Leave us a comment or share a picture!

Just for Fun

Have you ever asked Siri, “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”  If you have an iPhone 4S, chances are you have heard some interesting responses from Siri, your virtual assistant.  She has an answer for everything, and sometimes she’s witty or funny.  The programmers at Apple must have had a premonition about these Siri interactions, because the built-in humor is quite entertaining.  Check out this compilation – “iPhone 4S: Siri’s Surprising and Funny Answers”.

Refresh your Message On Hold Script

Free scriptwriting guide - refresh your on hold marketing - vintage phone wth light

Want to make your on-hold programming more engaging and effective? A well-written script is a great starting point. Our free resource, “Guide to Writing Effective Scripts for Message-On-Hold and Telephony Applications” can teach you how to write interesting, informative on-hold programs that your callers will love to listen to.

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Using Audio to Take Your Spa’s Website to the Next Level

For a salon or spa, a website serves as a starting point for growing your client base. As potential guests research facilities, as many as 92% will use an internet search engine. This means your site has to make a great first impression and present good content in a variety of ways. Even a locally-based small business needs a great website that highlights their products and services.

Website audio for salons and spas - woman at spa on laptop

A superb visual design is an ideal starting point. Clear menus, photos of your facility, and attention to detail will all serve you well. Consider combining visual elements with audio, video, and multimedia. Some ways to incorporate sound on your salon or spa’s website include:

  • Music: Apply background music to your site just as you would use it in your brick and mortar facility. Choose music that matches the tone of your brand and in-person space. Don’t forget to include on/off buttons and volume controls.
  • Narration: Use a professional voice over to greet first-time visitors on your site. Explain your navigation, highlight your reviews and testimonials, or announce special promotions. Make sure you emphasize the content that makes your salon or spa truly shine!
  • Virtual Tours: Of course you have a great facility — that’s how your spa has become so well known and frequently visited! Not every guest can come in for a tour before they book an appointment or stay, so use a virtual tour to show online visitors just how remarkable you are. Add audio such as ambient noises, background music, and narration to make your tour really stand out.
  • Tutorials: What is your salon especially well known for? Does your spa have a frequently requested service? Use this knowledge to create online tutorials for potential guests to try at home. You’ll accomplish two things: First, you’ll grow your online following and reach; second, you’ll be helpful to those craving beauty advice. When these online visitors need to book an appointment, they’ll start by returning to your website.
  • Videos: Who works at your facility? What makes you unique? Do you have interesting clients or company history? Make a video about any of these things to make your website more interesting and engaging.

Adding multimedia content to your website is an easy way to increase “stickiness,” or the amount of time visitors spend on the page. By creating pieces that are useful to your clients, you’ll get them to come back to your site — and your spa — time and time again.

Featured Blog: 9 Best Practices for Virtual Tour Audio

A virtual tour isn’t living up to its name if it’s silent: online tours need audio, too. From music, to ambient background noises, to narration, audio can take a mediocre tour and make it exceptional. Audio does need to be professionally produced and carefully implemented, though. Check out our slide presentation to learn more about adding audio to your virtual tour.

Best practices for creating virtual tours with great, professional audio

Click here to view the presentation at Sound Communication, the Holdcom Blog