Client of the Month: The Bethwood

n addition to flowers, chocolates, balloons and cards, Valentine’s Day may bring the occasional wedding proposal.  So what better client to feature this month, than a long-standing catering hall in New Jersey?

bethwoodlogoSince its inception more than 47 years ago, The Bethwood name has become synonymous with an unforgettable experience. Mr. Frank Pombo opened the Bethwood in 1965 as a small restaurant that seated 50-plus guests and served a casual meal at a reasonable price. Now, 47 years later, still owned and operated by the Pombo family, it is one of Northern New Jersey’s largest and most popular catering facilities.  Built on a reputation for uncommon quality and exemplary service, every aspect of every affair is important to the family-owned-and-operated staff.

“Whether you’re planning a romantic wedding, corporate function, or specialty event, you can be certain that your affair will be perfect to the very last detail,” states Steve Goodman, General Manager.

The finest in food, presentation and service, coupled with a spectacular setting, allows The Bethwood to provide you with a truly exquisite experience.

“We offer exceptional cuisine, priceless one-on-one client relationships, and professional event coordinators, which is why we are continually recognized as one of the tri-state area’s premier wedding and event venues,” continues Goodman.

Every season creates a unique experience – especially for brides – and at The Bethwood they highlight each season in their Message-On-Hold program accordingly.  “Snow-kissed gardens in Winter…crisp, picturesque ambiance in Autumn…and breath-taking surroundings in Spring and Summer.”  So each time you call The Bethwood, you really get a feel for the current atmosphere and can picture its magnificence in your mind.

“We have been a very satisfied customer of Holdcom for many years,” states Goodman. “When our clients are placed on hold, they listen to a very professional, pleasant voice, outlining any specials or specific details we want them to be informed of.”

In addition to weddings, corporate functions, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceañeras, bridal and baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, tricky trays, political functions, or any other affair or milestone, The Bethwood Catering Department has also introduced a full off-site catering menu for pick-up orders, so guests can enjoy all the fabulous food of the Bethwood, in the comfort of their own home.  And Mr. Goodman recognized that announcing this service in their Message-On-Hold was as equally important to featuring it on their website and in print advertisements.

Mr. Goodman concluded, “It is a great pleasure to work with such professionals. Holdcom makes our job easier, and more efficient.”  And we couldn’t agree more!

Message On Hold Album Review: Cool, Classy Catering

Homes and Gardens

Homes & GardensThe Catering Industry is in the business of providing entertainment and an excellent experience for all guests in attendance at an event. Crucial to the experience is quality and presentation. For a company looking to market their Catering Business in the most positive light, with the stated criteria in mind, I would recommend choosing a track from the album “Homes and Gardens,” a low-key, warm-sounding album.

The track “Rustic Charm” features cascading acoustic guitars with rhythmic piano, and a driving drum beat that give a sense of purpose. This is an appropriate tune for a company looking to represent professionalism with unique “charm.” Many tracks on this album bring warmth to content, including this one. Warm music helps convey a sense of trust and reliability, perfect for businesses who want to put callers at ease and assure them that they will be fully taken care of. (Read More…)

February 2012’s Script Tip

pencil on white paper with eraser

The best advice for those creating a Message On Hold program – whether it’s a brand-new program or updating an existing one – is to provide your callers with information they may not know about your business.  If you’re in the restaurant industry, perhaps you see the same couple visit your establishment for dinner a few times a month… but do they know that you can cater their next in-home event?  If you were to mention this in your Message On Hold, you would create the opportunity for them to learn about it while calling to make dinner reservations.

After preparing scripts for restaurants for numerous years, I’ve noticed they all seem to offer a wide array of information – on or off-site premises catering, special holiday menus and hours, daily specials, delivery information, whether they have an on-site bar or if they’re a B.Y.O.B., and so on.  Relaying such details to your callers in your Message On Hold is invaluable advertising.

And everyone knows a restaurant wouldn’t run without a good kitchen staff – namely the chef.  These individuals receive many years of training and work hard to please your patrons… so consider highlighting their accomplishments in your Message On Hold.  Never miss an opportunity to showcase the specialties of your establishment.

As a best practice for any business, use your Message On Hold program to feature your own unique products, services, and offers.  If you educate your callers while they’re on hold, they’ll inquire about what they’ve heard when a staff member returns to the line – giving you the opportunity to turn a curious caller into a frequent customer.

Ditch those Cassette Tapes –Upgrade your Message On Hold Equipment

Iequipmentf you’re still using cassettes to play your Message-On-Hold program, you’re about to run into a problem: we can no longer provide them, because cassette tapes aren’t produced anymore! Luckily, there’s an easy fix–upgrade your MOH Equipment.

To make it easier for you to update your Message-On-Hold equipment, we’ve lowered the list price on digital equipment at the Audio Production Store. Plus. we’re giving you a $50 promo code, so you’ll save a total of 50% off our original list price!

Having the most up-to-date technology will ensure consistent and reliable on hold messaging while providing a more convenient means to implement your program updates.

Get the most out of your on hold marketing and kiss those cassette tapes goodbye!

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Holdcom’s 2012 Food Drive is Here!

Food Drive

Have you started your company food drive yet? Take part in the 2012 Holdcom Food Drive by downloading our informational packet, collecting non-perishable food items, and having Holdcom pick them up. At the end of the month, we’ll drop off the donated items at Eva’s Kitchen in Paterson, NJ.

11.5% of NJ residents suffer from food insecurity – that number doesn’t go down just because the holidays are over.  So please help us to do good year-round and support a worth anti-poverty organization.

Click here to download the packet or email

Thank you in advance!

How to Leverage Audio for Hospitality Marketing and Guest Services

A great Message-On-Hold program is just one piece of the audio marketing puzzle. For hospitality properties like restaurants, catering halls, hotels, or spas, sound can also have a positive impact on guest services, employee training, social media outreach, and more. Learn how to leverage audio in your marketing and guest service strategies by downloading our FREE guide:

Using audio to promote hotels, restaurants, catering, and other hospitality properties - bell on table

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Beyond Message On Hold: Voice Production Ideas for Catering and Restaurants

For those planning a special event, choosing the right caterer is often a complicated task. Consumers are looking for a few things: A great experience with great food, superb customer service, and professionalism. To really wow your customers, we encourage those in the Catering & Restaurant Industry to go beyond the traditional Message On Hold Marketing Program and use professional audio in the following places:

    • An Interesting IVR System. What? Interesting IVR announcements? Yes…they’re possible. In fact, your IVR can be a lot more than a utility; it can actually be a customer service tool. Take a look at the information you present and the way you present it to decide if you’re making the most of your voice prompts. How can you easily get creative? We worked with Portobello Restaurant to record voice prompts using a voiceover talent with an Italian accent, bringing an authentic experience to otherwise mundane voice prompts. You can also tie your IVR into your scheduling system and include information about services like an in-house bakery, partnerships with DJs, or relationships with party planners.
    • Your Website. To make your online presence more appealing, combine your images and text with audio messages. You can use a voiceover to explain navigation, announce special offers, or welcome visitors to your website. If you have a facility you’d like visitors to see, consider creating a virtual tour that will tell prospective clients more about your business.

Abstract musical instruments

A professional voice does more than just read, and in these applications they actually speak for your company. What do you have to say?

Holdcom’s Overhead Music Solution

Overhead music for hospitality properties and moreTired of having the same old songs playing in your store or venue? Looking for a way to mix music with marketing messages in-property? Holdcom’s business music services can help you improve your in-store experience. This solution can:

  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Keep customers engaged
  • Expose customers to your advertising and promotional messages, delivered at scheduled intervals.
  • Include branded radio station to generate business
  • Incorporate digital signage

Featured Blog: 12 Months of Message On Hold for Restaurants and Catering

Keeping your Message On Hold content up to date and seasonally relevant doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By taking a look at the world around you and the seasonal changes within your business, you can easily keep your callers engaged when they’re on hold. Customers prefer to hear timely information on hold, and educating your callers can help you boost interest in your services and, in turn, help boost sales. Check out how restaurants and catering facilities can use on-hold marketing for guest services year-round:

catering slides

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