“Fall Back” Into The Holiday Season

Are you ready to “Fall Back”? Daylight Saving Time ends November 3 – Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour at home, around the office, and on your phones. Otherwise, you might end up in this situation:


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Wreck The Halls: A Christmas Story [New Holiday Video]

The Holiday season is upon us…and so is this year’s Holdcom Holiday Video. Click below to watch and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and tweet our new video, Wreck The Halls: A Christmas Story.

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Give Thanks – A Thanksgiving Message from Holdcom [Original Song]

All of us at Holdcom would like to take a moment to thank our clients for another wonderful year. Please give thanks this holiday season and take a moment to help those in need.

Take a moment to reflect on the Thanksgiving Message in this original song written by Holdcom founders Harvey Edelman and Neil Fishman, performed by the Holdcom staff:

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If you’re interested in and able to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts in New Jersey, please consider donating to the American Red Cross or an area food bank.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 

A Halloween Trick or Treat from Holdcom

Happy Halloween! Have a SPOOKtacular Day!

And enjoy some trick-or-treating with our newest video:

Don’t forget to wait for the treat at the end of the video! Or, skip ahead by clicking this button:

Holiday Message On Hold Programs

Got Cheer? Spread It.

This year, we’re offering holiday Message On Hold programs that fit any budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple, no frills, program (free!), a greeting personalized with your business name, or a totally unique and custom program, we have the package for you.

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Real Country – Really Good Music On Hold

Real Country Music On HoldReal Country is a Music On Hold album immersed in Americana and the spirit of having a good time. The tracks are straight forward and pleasing to the ear – the perfect way to put your customers in the spirit of having a good time and enjoying your business.

“Pull Over” wakes you up with the sweet pangs of the electric guitar while forcing you to tap your foot to the snare drum keeping time throughout. The tight drum pattern lends a sincerity to the track and keeps a quick tempo.

The business that rocks out to “Aiming High” certainly works hard, but plays hard as well!  Your customers will enjoy the charming piano and harmonica riffs featured intermittently throughout. This track would work excellently for brand that wants to show they get the job done with confidence and personality.

“Cock Fight” starts out unassuming as the band tunes its instruments and the leader calls out the count off, but then right away gets your blood flowing.  The wail of the guitar and fast pounding drums demands the listener’s attention while your Message On Hold program is playing. This track is a great fit for business who want their customers to get up and move!

“Let Go Reverend” leads in with a little piano and gives way to a lead electric guitar that reminds you of gathering with old friends. If your business involves people and getting them together,, this track helps to convey that sense of community and involvement. The electric keyboard pops up at times and lends a modern but still bluesy feel to the piece.

Finally, “Sweet Thing” is one of this collection’s most mellow tracks and perfect for a variety of types of business. Subdued and wistful, the tempo still works for keeping your customers engaged and attentive while waiting on hold.

Real Country is a collection of down-home music that will make your customers feel like they are part of your brand and family. Customers who wait on hold sometimes complain that they feel unimportant or neglected by being on hold, but Real Country has a way of bringing them right in and making them feel appreciated.

Crisp Clean Acoustic: Professional Music On Hold

Crisp Clean Acoustic is a on hold music album befitting of its name. Ideal for a variety of professional services, the tracks featured throughout this album are warm, inviting and inspiring. Heavy on string instruments, the entire album has a light and airy feel to it.

The title track, “Crisp N Clean”, kicks it off with a modern and uncluttered sound that conveys a sense of trust and welcome, important for many businesses and professions. It allows the listener to picture a sunny weekend afternoon with a good book and cup of tea in his own living room.  It has a comforting sound and pace, with a quick strumming guitar.

As its name suggests, “Ocean Way Drive” does have a bit of a “beachy” sound due to  its calming and confident pace, easing into a jazzy guitar solo with acoustic strumming and strong backing chords. For clients who may be contacting you for the first time on the telephone, it’s important to be perceived as a “solution destination”–a business that can get the job done the right way, the first time and every time.  Any office looking to convey knowledgeable yet approachable staff would be wise to give “Ocean Way Drive” a listen.

“Walking Free” is a theme perfect for any business that wants to simultaneously express creativity, personality, and professionalism. Its alternating pace and bouncy feel suggest an uninhibited spirit, while the tight chord progression and piano introduced into the second half of the track show class and accountability.

While it’s not edgy, overall Crisp Clean Acoustic is an album rife with tracks you can consider very useful for Message On Hold music. The tracks throughout this album are appealing, approachable, and enjoyable, sure to delight your callers waiting on hold while complementing your messages and voice over talent.

Downstate LICH Repurposes On Hold Content

The Challenge:

Doctor using ipad to access website with audio

Downstate – Long Island College Hospital (LICH) has been enhancing their website.  Zipporah Dvash, VP Public Affairs & Development, wanted to make existing web content more engaging and dimensional—without breaking the bank.

The Holdcom Solution:

Dvash works on the Message On Hold program for the facility and realized it coincided with what she wanted to highlight on the website.  Why reinvent the wheel?  She reached out to Holdcom to see if we could repurpose her Message On Hold program for web use.

Downstate LICH Logo

Since Holdcom had already recorded LICH’s Message On Hold program, we simply had to clarify the necessary format needed to put this idea into action. Because all on hold recordings are already conversational and informative, they sounded great for Dvash and the Hospital’s purposes. By thinking creatively and outside of the box, LICH was able to enhance its online marketing campaign by adding audio.  And since LICH’s Message On Hold plan enables them to update a few times within her contract year, Dvash and the Downstate Web development team will be able to update these online promos as well.

Check out this great idea at www.downstate.edu/lich and contact us to see how you can stretch these uses of your audio.

On Hold Music Review: Big & Juicy Undersores 2

If you’re looking to spice up your Message On Hold program with crowd-pleasing tracks, Big & Juicy Underscores 2 has the potential and the variety to be appealing to a wide variety of industries and a broad customer base. This album is mostly upbeat and features a variety of styles, all with exciting melodies.

“Innovative Plain” is a fun track and get your nodding your head. There is one dominant melody line that appears throughout, with different pieces progressively building around it. The instrumentals are stylistic guitars, and an expressive and driving drum beat. I like this track because it is entertaining without being obnoxious, and is pleasant to listen to. It also gives off a welcoming vibe, which is the most important thing if you’re trying to attract customers.

“Life Ambition” is an uplifting track  that just has a very positive sound to it. While listening to this one, you can feel yourself being driven forward. The truth is people like feel-good music and this is a feel-good track. The song is upbeat with piano, guitar, strings, light drums and some other percussion instruments. This track will help you appeal to new customers and maintain loyalty from existing clients while complimenting all of your on hold content.

My personal favorite on this album, “The Difference”, is…well, a bit different than the tracks we’ve heard so far. The first minute is entirely electronic, but then it really kicks in with some piano, strings and hard hitting drum beats. This track is catchy and fun to listen to.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing hold music is to pick music that your customers enjoy listening to. For many businesses, this means finding the right mix of entertainment, professionalism, enjoyment, and comfort. Big & Juice Underscores 2 can help you achieve these goals

Happy 4th of July [New Video]

Here at Holdcom, we’re feeling patriotic. To celebrate Independence Day, we put together this video featuring a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Madison Rising and video clips from our Northern New Jersey Community. Check out the video:

How are you getting in the Patriotic Spirit this year? Leave us a comment and let us know.