September 2011’s Script Tip

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Check Your Pronunciation

How do you say “finance”? It turns out, we might not all say it the same way. In fact, regional differences in pronunciation are common. Whenever you’re writing a script for your Message On Hold or other audio marketing needs, you’ll want to make sure you choose the correct pronunciation, based on your callers’ speech. How do you know if you’ve chosen the correct pronunciation, or if a word has more than one acceptable form? Check to be sure. lists 15 pronunciations for the word “data” and 3 for “finance.” At, you can listen to these pronunciations and vote for any that you think are acceptable.

September 2011 Client of the Month: Columbia Bank

Columbia Bank-Holdcom's Financial Industry Client of the MonthWe are proud to feature Columbia Bank as our “Client of the Month” for September 2011.

Headquartered in Fair Lawn, NJ, Columbia Bank is the largest mutual bank in New Jersey, with 44 full-service offices throughout the state.  Columbia Bank offers a wide range of consumer and commercial products, including online & mobile banking and localized lending centers, as well as investment & wealth management services.

Being a true community bank, Columbia Bank is also continuing their ongoing support of charitable and community initiatives through volunteer efforts, donations, and Columbia Bank Foundation grants. Columbia Bank sets themselves apart as a community bank by delivering personalized, high quality service and convenience through online and mobile banking — and their Message On Hold.

“In those instances when our customers need to be placed on hold, it is important that they be advised that their call is both important and that they are not being placed into an unending message loop,” explains Gary Perino, Public Relations Officer. “By varying our messages, with frequency, we are able to effectively reduce customer waiting anxiety while also creating possible future cross-selling opportunities.”

Perino concluded with the following praise for Holdcom: “In any service business, outside vendor reliability can sometimes make or break a customer relationship. Holdcom’s service has always been exceptional.”

Congratulations once again to Columbia Bank!

September Album Reviews-Rock the Financial Industry

The financial industry is one built on ideals of advancement and opportunity. This in itself makes the industry a bit of an edgy one, as they are often on the brink of new technological advancements to make their customers more comfortable and to give their services a certain level of convenience. Choosing the correct music for financial industry Message On Hold programs helps to set the tone for interactions between brands, representatives, and customers. This month, our audio producers sounded off about albums from our music library that are ideal for the financial industry:

inspired to rock album review for music on holdAlbum: Inspired to Rock
Reviewed by: Brett Lubansky
Inspired to Rock is an album that encompasses an edginess with an altogether bright, sharp sound on its various tracks. For the most part it is an up-tempo contemporary album, with crisp guitar leads throughout, giving it a modern vibe. The track “Sparks” begins with a delayed electric guitar melody, which in a sense is the theme of this album. The brightness of this track gives off a sense of optimism and overall positivity. This positivity is perfect for representing a financial service, as it will lend a feeling of competence to your customers. I think the modern feeling of this track is also fitting for a financial institution because it portrays the level of technological sophistication expected of a business handling clients’ monetary interests. (Read More…)

Leisure Lifestyles Album Review for Royalty Free MusicAlbum: Leisure Lifestyles
Reviewed by: Joseph Blakely
This mellow rockin’ album will provide upbeat music for your Message On Hold program. With a combination of acoustic guitar, light percussion, and piano on many of the wonderful tracks, you will leave your customers in a more relaxed state while they are placed on hold. The title track of this album “Leisure Lifestyles” is a great choice for your MOH, with a beautiful piano lead filled out by the support of synths and drums. It has an upbeat pace, but at the same time it puts listeners at ease. (Read More…)

Get ‘Linked In’ With Holdcom

Holdcom Social Media Logos

Holdcom is pleased to announce its recently launched LinkedIn Group, “Audio Marketing | Sound Communication.”  The purpose of this networking group is to share information and generate discussion about using audio to enhance marketing and customer service strategies. This group is designed to interest marketing professionals, call center managers, IT personnel, business owners, developers, and all interested in the impact of audio.

Holdcom, a leading provider in audio marketing and business telephony solutions encourages LinkedIn users to join the conversation by sharing information and commenting on discussions. “Audio Marketing | Sound Communication” serves to be a contact zone for discussing the use of audio.  President of Holdcom, Neil Fishman expresses his enthusiasm for the group, “LinkedIn and other social media networks provide fertile forums for the exchange of ideas and information. Audio and professionally produced voice recordings are a common component of everyone’s daily transactions and experiences. Holdcom looks forward to promoting discussion and contributing to our industry’s knowledge base via LinkedIn.” By presenting valuable resources, blogs, and case studies, group members will be provided with continuous content and discussion topics.

Click Here to join the conversation on LinkedIn at Audio Marketing | Sound Communication

September: Featured Blog

IVR System Jungle Decluttering your IVR System-Woman Dialing Phone

For those in marketing, advertising, finance – heck, any industry where your office is suspended tens of stories above the nearest skyscraper – we all know it’s a jungle out there.

But every business brings a little bit of the jungle back to the office – especially in regards to their phone system.

People come and go. Departments are created, then disbanded, then re-created and reassigned – there is a booklet just for extensions, and half of them are defunct or incorrectly assigned. Wires hang from an inevitable missing ceiling panel like vines, and callers are rerouted to a voicemail that hasn’t been active for two years. Don’t forget there are always one or two offices being renovated, as well as intern stations and temp offices cropping up.

Many businesses encounter these situations – and worse yet, aren’t even aware of misrouted calls or abandoned extensions. Having an efficient, accessible IVR system – where the arrival points are all mapped out and tested – not only keeps your business running, but also demonstrates to customers your excellence in your industry. (Read More…)

The Last Meal of Summer-Holdcom Picnic 2011

Holdcom Audio Marketing Team building Picnic-Collage

Although Labor Day means that summer has come to an unofficial end, memories of the season can always be revisited. The Holdcom Annual Picnic, was celebrated on August 19th at the Glen Rock Pool.

The picnic began with a make-your-own kabob bar-be-que. Their stomachs full, the team toured the Arboretum, enjoying the scenic views. Once properly digested, a company-wide croquet match was scheduled, followed by a wiffle ball game.

The weather was perfect, and the picnic was a great opportunity for all to interact in a casual setting and celebrate summer. What’s your favorite memory from this summer?

“Relive our summer memories by watching our video:”

Equipment Upgrade Discount-Back to School Special


September means “Back to School,” which means getting a new backpack, some fancy notebooks, and a shiny new pencil case. September is also the perfect time to update your Message On Hold equipment, with a special discount from Holdcom.

Cassette tapes are out… mp3 is in! With the drastic technology advancements, antiquated cassette-load technology for your Message On Hold communication is no longer supported. If you are currently using a cassette-load digital announcer for your On Hold Communication, Holdcom can assist you with upgrading your MOH for a special price.

Click here to save $50 on your upgrade.

Having the most up-to-date technology will not only insure consistent and reliable on-hold messaging, but will provide you with a more convenient means to implement your program updates. Go back to school in style with brand new Message On Hold equipment!

Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

Top Tips for Writing Professional Voicemail Messages

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you ever miss a call, your voicemail greeting might be the first impression people have of you or your business. Make sure your voicemail greeting is working for you, not against you.  Download our free “Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings” to learn how to write and record voicemail messages that make the right impression, the first time and every time.

Click Here to download Holdcom’s Top Tips for Voicemail Greetings

In Memoriam

911 App

September 11th marks the tenth anniversary of the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center towers, The Pentagon, and the heroic struggle of flight 93. Americans all over the country are encouraged to fly a flag in remembrance of the innocent civilians and courageous servicemen who lost their lives.

The 9/11 iPad App, The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present, and Future, documents the history of the Twin Towers, the current status of the memorial project, and the future vision for the site. The app, which is a collection of videos, photos, and user-contributed media is free to download until 9/11, after which it will cost $9.99.