October Message On Hold Ideas

With autumn in full swing and leaves on trees starting to turn from green to yellow, have you made sure your Message On Hold is reflecting the seasonal change? To keep your on-hold marketing up to date, consider featuring a month-long observance that’s relevant to your business.

Seasonal on hold messages- autumn, october, november - pumpkins

In October, you might want to feature:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Arts and Humanities Month
  • National Dental Hygiene Month
  • View a full list here.

And in November, you might want to feature:

  • Native American Heritage Month
  • Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
  • View a full list here.

Featuring seasonal events in your Message On Hold is a great way to keep it up to date. For more ideas on updating your Message On Hold for Autumn (and after!), check out our tips at Sound Communication. Click Here!

BVC – Networking Event

Holdcom Cares - Business Volunteer Council Event - Capital Grille Paramus NJ

Holdcom continues to look for new and innovative ways to give back to our community.  Andrew Begnoché, Director of Operations at Holdcom had this to say about attending the networking event for Northern NJ Business Volunteer Council – Hosted and sponsored by The Capital Grille in the Garden State Plaza.  “It was a great night.  I met a bunch of folks who are doing wonderful things within our community.  I left with new ideas and new goals for Holdcom.” The evening featured networking with Member companies as well as individuals looking to get themselves or their companies involved in volunteering.  If you’re looking to participate, check out these upcoming events:

Fun and Games with the BVC is a Fun-filled night which includes an all-you-can-eat international buffet, beer & wine, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, games, comedy, swag bags, and more.

Date: Friday October 28th from 6 – 10pm.

Location: IKEA Paramus, NJ

Employee Volunteer Program – Nuts & Bolts is an all day training session which will help you be a successful volunteer.  Getting involved in the community contributes to the bottom line.  Find out how to develop and run an effective Empolyee Volunteer Program.

Date: Friday November 4th 9-2pm

Location: BMW of North America in Franklin Lakes, NJ

To Register and purchase tickets for either event, contact bvc@bergenvolunteers.org or 201-489-9454 ext. 119.

The Voice: Our Newsletter Relaunch

The Voice: Holdcom's Monthly Newsletter - Redesign, Relaunch - On Hold Marketing News

Since 2004, The Holdcom Voice has been our monthly newsletter. A lot has changed in the past seven years, including our website, online store, and social media presence. Last month, you might have noticed a change in the look of our e-mails. This month, we want to present the newest version of our newsletter, The Voice. The Voice is still Holdcom’s monthly newsletter with information about our audio marketing, our clients, our partners, our staff, office events, exclusive promotions, and other various helpful content.  Our updated name and header is meant to reflect our ongoing innovation, our embracing of social media, and our continuous commitment to help our customers benefit from the power of audio marketing.

Bonus: Look for new headers for Holdcom Cares and Sound Communication in your mailbox this month!

October Music On Hold Album Reviews-Small Business Sounds

This month, our audio engineers sound off about music that’s ideal for small businesses to use on their on-hold messages.

Sun Seekers-Royalty Free Hold Music

Album: Sun Seekers

Reviewer: Joe Blakely

Have a small business and looking for music that suits your Message On Hold? Why not give Sun Seekers a chance? It is definitely a great choice if you want to represent your company as a professional service to your clientele.

Sun Seekers features many great Light Jazz tracks on it, making it a popular choice for music on hold. The tracks range from serene and peaceful to those with a little more moxie. (Read More…)


Album: Piano Underscores

Reviewed by: Brett LubanskyPiano Underscores-Music for Small Businesses On Hold

Piano Underscores is a soundtrack written for the small business. It is extremely professional-sounding, but has a fun, modern side that would fit well with a company looking to emphasize how unique they are to their competitors. Here are a few tracks I would recommend:

“Places and Faces” is my personal favorite from this album. This track is extremely positive and upbeat. Consisting of a piano melody, a progressive drum beat, rhythmic acoustic guitars, and some electric guitar licks, the song displays the perfect blend of class and fun. (Read More…)

October 2011 Just for Fun World Smile Day®

Just for Fun - World Smile Day - Message On Hold

The iconic yellow and black smiley face was created in 1963 by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts. According to Ball, the smiley face has no politics, geography, or religion. By creating “World Smile Day”, Ball wanted people to forget about differences for just one day. The first “World Smile Day” was celebrated in 1999, and it has continued ever since.

This year, “World Smile Day” is taking place on Friday, October 7th. The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation would like you to take the day to “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!”

Click here to read more about “World Smile Day”.

What else is happening this month? Check out our October Message-On-Hold Ideas to find out.

Holdcom Attends Realogy’s Industry Day

Holdcom at Realogy Industry Day - Audio Marketing, Message On Hold, Profession Voicemails for Realtors

President of Holdcom Neil Fishman and Marketing & Communications Associate Katie Devlin travelled to Realogy’s headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey to attend their internal Industry Day.  As a member of Realogy’s Preferred Alliance, Holdcom was pleased to attend the event and educate associates of Realogy on how Holdcom services them. Currently, Holdcom provides Message-On-Hold and Voice Prompt production for all Realogy brands including Century 21, Better Homes & Gardens, Coldwell Banker, ERA Realty, Sotheby’s, and PHH Mortgage, among others.  If you would like to learn more about these services or are planning your own industry day and would like Holdcom to attend, please let us know.  Email katied@holdcom.com with details about your event

Holdcom on Slideshare


Have you visited www.SlideShare.net yet?  SlideShare is an idea sharing website specifically for slide presentations and documents. Topics range from How To’s and Tips, to Business and Management, to Humor and beyond.  With over 55 million monthly visitors, SlideShare is one of the largest sharing sites on the web.  Click here to visit Holdcom’s SlideShare profile and view some of our newest presentations.

Slideshare Presentation: Audio marketing for small business

Click to view our presentation, 5 Ways to Utilize Audio to Enhance your Small Business

October 2011 Client of the Month:Robbie’s Automotive and Collision Specialists

Congratulations to October’s Client of the Month, longtime Holdcom client, Robbie’s Automotive & Collision Specialists!

Based in Dover, NJ, Robbie’s Automotive was opened in 1983 by current owner Robbie Berman and his father, Bernie.  Robbie’s sets itself apart from other auto body repair shops by using state-of-the-art equipment, stocking an extensive parts warehouse, and employing factory-trained technicians.  According to Robbie, “All of our repair decisions are based on our three “unchangeables” which are: honesty, accommodation, and excellence.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction each and every time.”

Robbies Collision - Message On Hold Client of the Month

To keep his customers informed, Robbie plays a Message On Hold program from Holdcom. “It has made people more aware of our services.” As Robbie’s Collision offers auto body collision repair, a full service mechanical shop, vehicle rentals, and more, his on-hold marketing programs have a lot to cover!

Over the years, Robbie has enjoyed watching his business and Holdcom both grow larger. “Holdcom is one of the best,” he says. “You guys are amazing. And your detailed website is great!”

Holdcom CEO, Harvey Edelman, pointed out that “Robbie’s became a customer of ours the year we incorporated in 1988.  Back then, Holdcom had three employees and one computer.  There’s been some ups and downs since then but we’re both still here and thriving because we’ve always put the customer first.  Business associations with that kind of longevity are rare and special.”

Congratulations again to Robbie’s Automotive & Collision Specialists!

October Featured Blog: Audio Solutions to Make Your Small Business “Sound” Bigger

Audio Can Help Small Businesses Sound Bigger - The Voice: Holdcom's Monthly Newsletter

Small businesses have the potential of getting lost amid competition from large-scale, high revenue businesses. These types of businesses are always faced with the question, “How do I make my business seem larger and distinguish itself among competitors?” Both professionalism and strategic marketing are leading factors in accomplishing this goal. Incorporating audio solutions like Messages On Hold, Professional Voicemail Messages, and Website Audio produce positive impact and results, leading to a better reputation, more buzz, and expansion of your customer base.

As a smaller company, you must pay close attention to how your company presents itself to new and potential customers. First impressions are critical to small businesses, and can even make or break you in a customer’s eyes. The chance of your business’s on-hold message being a customer’s first impression is very likely. Professionally produced Messages On Hold add the image of a reliable, sophisticated, and informative brand enhancing the customer’s first impression. A hold message with informative and concise audio content will increase customer satisfaction and decrease the chances of hang-ups and losing potential customers. Hold time is the perfect opportunity to announce time-sensitive information, introduce new products, and provide alternate forms of communication like your Twitter handle or Facebook Fan Page. (Click Here to Read More.)

October Featured Video: Holdcom Office Episode 1: Holdcom Goes International

Lately, we’ve had a lot of request for Multilingual Productions. In our premiere episode of the Holdcom Office, we learn that one of our audio producers has been brushing up on his foreign languages and hilarity ensues. Keep checking our YouTube channel for new webisodes and other updates!

Holiday Promotion

It’s not too early to start thinking about the Holidays, especially about what will be playing on hold when your callers reach out to you during this cheerful season. This year, Holdcom will offer FREE Holiday Message On Hold Programs to get you in the holiday spirit. Choose your preferred type of music and we’ll do the rest!

If you’d like a custom Holiday on hold message, let us know, and we’ll offer you a discounted price.

Click here for your FREE Holiday Message On Hold Program!

Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

Top Tips for Writing Professional Voicemail Messages

In the business world, a professional voicemail greeting is an everyday essential, both for your office and mobile phone. Learn how to write and record phone messages that help you make the right impression, the first time and every time: Download our free “Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings.”

Click Here to download Holdcom’s “Top Tips for Voicemail Greetings”

October 2011’s Script Tip: Voice Over Tip for Your E-Training Program

pencil on white paper with eraser

One of my colleagues recently worked on an e-training recording and I asked him if his experience could provide any tips for other clients looking to produce material for the same purposes.

Off the bat, he explained that when the e-training piece is set up as a conversation between two characters, it’s wise for the client to be certain the two voice talents he selects do not sound similar.  When two similar-sounding voice talents have a dialog, the end result may sound like someone having a discussion with himself, rather than two different people conversing as intended.

One of the best, and most obvious, ways to avoid this is to choose one male voice and one female voice to interact with one another.  However, if only one gender is preferred, Holdcom can definitely meet the requirements.  Holdcom has a great roster of voice talents, who are well-experienced in e-training recordings.  Just be sure to pay close attention to the characteristics of each voice when sampling them at www.holdcom.com/voices.  Also, be sure to provide the talents with plenty of recording instructions about the characters they’re “playing” – and this will ensure an optimum read.