Skate For Love Recap

On April 16th, ice-skating and music legends performed in front of a packed house at the William G. Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown.This star-studded night, known as Skate for Love, was held to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization “dedicated to education and research about the causes, treatment, and the search for the cure” for breast cancer.

Of over the 70 skaters who participated, many were Olympic and world champions, such as 2006 World Champion Kimmi Meissner, 1995 World Champion Nicole Bobek, and Emily Hughes. Holdcom’s own voice talent, Susan Lovell, performed three choreographed numbers with her longtime beau, Eddie Brigati, founding member of The Rascals and member of the Rock and Roll / Songwriter Hall of Fame.

Over 1200 people attended Skate for Love.

Holdcom is honored to join our community in the fight against cancer; join us on May 21st-22nd for the annual 2011 Relay For Life of Highlands in New Milford, NJ. For more information on how you can contribute, visit their website.

Check out the Skate for Love performance of Olympic Skater Nicole Bobek.

Great Strides Walk

Great Strides: Taking Steps to Cure Cystic Fibrosis is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s largest national fundraising event. Tens of thousands of co-workers, friends and families come together each year as one community for one cause…to help find a cure. In 2010, the organization raised $35.5 million to support vital CF programs. Learn more.

Glen Rock Inn Support local Great Strides Walk Team:

The Glen Rock Inn restaurant, a long time HOLDCOM client, is hosting a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  Support CF by coming out to the Glen Rock Inn on Wednesday, May 11th for lunch or dinner and mention the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) – a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Team Belly’s World in support of their Great Strides walk team.  Team Belly’s World will be participating in the Great Strides walk on Sunday, May 22nd at Van Saun Park in Paramus to raise funds for the CFF.

The Glen Rock Inn is located at 222 Rock Rd in Glen Rock, NJ

Relay For Life

Holdcom announced its participation as sponsor of the 2010 West Milford Relay for Life May 21st – 22nd. Stacey Caropreso, HOLDCOM’S Director of Quality Control, has been involved in Relay For Life walks for 20 years at the West Milford walk with her team, The Night Crawlers. “Relay For Life is close to our hearts,” explains Stacey, who has had various loved ones battle cancer for over 24 years.

luminarias (relayforlife)

The battle against cancer has touched the lives of so many at HOLDCOM in a variety of ways. This overnight event celebrates cancer survivors and commemorates those who have lost the battle to the dreaded disease.

All donations go to research and support, as well as assistance for families and caregivers. Thanks to the efforts by the American Cancer Society and donations from Relay for Life, there are more then 10 million cancer survivors in America.

For more information or to make a donation please visit their website.

Holdcom’s New Voice Grader!

man with glasses talking on his cellphoneHoldcom is pleased to announce the unveiling of its new VOICE GRADER, a tool designed to evaluate and improve how your business utilizes audio marketing. Whether you wish to improve brand visibility, enhance your company’s “first impression,” or increase customer engagement on the phone and on the web, incorporating audio into your marketing efforts is the first step to communicating with your client base.

To learn more or take advantage of this free service, fill out the simple form and let us evaluate your voice. Click here to get your VOICE GRADE. Once you fill out the form, you will receive a comprehensive report that will “measure how effectively you are using ‘voice’ to reinforce your brand/message.” Areas examined include message on hold, auto attendants, website audio, social media and more.

Featured Voice Talent: Gisèle Aubut

Holdcom often fulfills audio projects designed to make website navigation, instruction manuals, or pamphlets more accessible to the visually impaired.  This month, Holdcom features one of our voice talents, Gisèle Aubut, who volunteers her recordings for the Montreal Association for the Blind.

Gisele (small)Gisèle Aubut is fluent in French and Spanish, and provides translation services as well as recordings for IVR systems, educational videos, radio spots, and more.  For the past eight years she has volunteered for the Montreal Association for the Blind (MAB), recording their newsletter, yearly report, and requested textbooks/novels, such as: Real Estate FinanceThe Total Cat, and a book that required her to learn basic Haitian Creole!

“I had wanted to do recordings for the blind since even before I got into radio or the voiceover business,” Aubut said, “and I’m enjoying it very much.”

The MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre “continuously strives for excellence in providing services to its clientele.”  The Centre uses cutting edge technology, from mechanical tools to computer software, as well as “respect, compassion, and competence” to help clients discover their potential.  For more information, call 518-488-5552.

For further insight into how audio can be used to make your website friendly to the visually impaired, feel free to contact Holdcom at or call 800-666-6465.  If interested in hearing a voice sample from Gisèle Aubut, visit our voice samples page on our website.

Meals on Wheels of Rockland County Thanks Holdcom


Rockland logo

Holdcom is pleased to provide ongoing complimentary Message On Hold services to worthy organizations.  Recently, Holdcom provided a free Message On Hold program update to Meals On Wheels of Rockland County for the system Holdcom donated to the facility in 2003.

In his acknowledgement letter to Holdcom, Jim Burton, Assistant Executive Director, said, “We feel greatly indebted to you (Holdcom) for your generosity… Holdcom (is) a true partner in our mission and we appreciate your kindness and consideration.”

Jim understands the importance of keeping information current on their Message On-Hold program so callers can learn about their additional programs in addition to their signature Homebound Meal Delivery program.  Meals on Wheels meets the daily needs of homebound individuals and senior citizens by providing a wide array of support services including meal delivery, social model adult day care, a senior center program, and a computer learning center.  They’re constantly striving to reach out to identify frail, isolated, vulnerable, and economically or emotionally disadvantaged seniors in order to provide them with the services they need.

Rockland chefs

Meals On Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland, Inc. has been serving the seniors of Rockland County for 37 years.  This not-for-profit agency funded by individual donations, grants, government subsidies, and the United Way, has delivered eight million meals to date!

Script Tip – Clarifying Time Zones

pencil on white paper with eraser

One of the Top 10 Errors our Holdcom Script Consultants find in client-provided scripts has to do with Time Zones.  It’s a great idea to include your Time Zone in your Message-On-Hold and IVR scripts (especially if you receive calls from all over the country).  However, be aware that it’s very common for Time Zones to be referenced incorrectly.  To say “Our business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time” would only be correct for half of the year.  In a 12-month period, “Eastern Standard Time” takes place for 6 months, while “Eastern Daylight Time” takes place for the other 6 months.  In order to incorporate both Standard and Daylight Times, it’s best to refer to this Time Zone simply as “Eastern Time”.  And yes, the same rule applies to the Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time Zones.

Do you look forward to reading our Script Tips every month? Click here to download our “Script Tips ‘Greatest Hits’ Compilation”

Motherhood Song Video

In honor of Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere, we are pleased to present our Motherhood Video.  Images celebrating motherhood, including many contributions from our staff and business associates, have been set to a song entitled (appropriately) “Motherhood,” written by Holdcom founders Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman.  “Motherhood” was originally part of an award-winning industrial film, produced for Parents Magazine a number of years ago.  We’re pleased and proud to give it new life now as a small token of appreciation to our moms, your moms, and moms everywhere.  We hope it will be enjoyed and we welcome you to share it.

May: Featured Blog

The MOH Secret That IT Is Keeping From Marketing

*NOTE: The Following is Confidential – do not reveal to your IT and marketing teams unless you want increased visibility and customer engagement*

IT & Marketing (people around a big table)

When IT departments are tasked with acquiring a Message-On-Hold program or IVR system for their telephone lines, they treat the process from a strictly basic needs/equipment-based perspective. They want a reliable digital announcer that will deliver Message-On-Hold with easy installation – and that’s that. Their plan is to find a solution that will simply implement “something” on hold. “Check!” And once silence on hold is taken care of, they don’t go any further; they move on to the next task on their list.

What these IT folks don’t realize is that the potential of the on-hold space is left untapped.  On the other side of the office, the Marcom team is tasked with getting the word out to the customer. Once marketing is made aware of the Message-On-Hold solution that’s been hiding in the recesses of their office or switch room, Holdcom usually receives calls from the Marcom team stating, “I can’t believe we never knew that our company already had a message-on-hold system in place…”

To read more, visit here, and don’t forget to check out more of our audio marketing insights at!

May: Just For Fun

With our recently launched video department, and our extensive experience with providing audio for virtual tours, Holdcom is no stranger to photography. That’s why our discovery of Microsoft’s Photosynth literally blew our minds.

According to their website, Photosynth is a “powerful set of tools for capturing and viewing the world in 3D… [Photosynth] allows you to take a bunch of photos of the same scene or object and automagically stitch them together into one big experience.” With a digital camera, or straight from your smartphone, you can capture a 360-degree panorama of your environment, whether it be at the Grand Canyon or in your backyard. Some high-profile examples of sponsors include National GeographicNASA, and the Obama Inauguration.

What might be more impressive than the final result are the navigation tools. Zoom in, out, rotate, or progress photo-by-photo, analyzing each different angle and detail. You can create your own virtual tour by demarcating, or “tagging,” certain key features of your panorama.

Joining is simple, but requires a Windows Live ID, which can be obtained by signing up on their website. Holdcom was impressed by the technology, but was disappointed that there was no audio integration…yet.

What do you think of Photosynth? Share your panoramas with us on our Facebook page or on our Twitter @Holdcom!