March Client of the Month

Holdcom is proud to feature Delta Dental of New Jersey as our Client of the Month. Since 1993, Holdcom has provided Delta Dental with informative message on-hold programs for their call center in Parsippany, NJ.

Delta Dental believes that everyone deserves a healthy smile; they have been working since 1969 to improve oral health and hygiene by emphasizing preventive care. They are a not-for-profit corporation and are members of the national Delta Dental Plans Association. The mission of Delta Dental of New Jersey is to promote oral health to the greatest number of people by providing accessible dental benefit programs of the highest quality, service, and value. They currently serve groups in New Jersey and Connecticut.

Diane Belle, Vice President of Corporate Communications recently stopped by Holdcom to record a video interview, which we invite you to watch below.

March Featured App


This month’s Featured App is the music streaming service, Mog.  Developed alongside networks like Last.FM and Pandora, Mog is “an online music service and blog network, where users can listen to, read about, and discover music.”  Stemming from a former SVP of Marketing at MTV Interactive, and with a 2007 partnership with Rhapsody, Mog brings to the Cloud thousands of artists and flavors of music.

MOG logo (2)What distinguishes Mog from its competitors is their focus on social media and their unique subscription service.  In 2008, Mog launched “the Mog Music Network…that aggregates posts from affiliate blogs and those created by Mog’s in-house music editors.”  Established in 2009, Mog opened its enormous catalogue of music to the public for a monthly subscription of $9.99, and instead of relying on streaming radio, where hearing a desired song is obfuscated by search engines centered on “similar artists,” users can now search for specific tracks.  Users can also “download tracks in advance to save for those days when you’re off the grid.”

According to their website, Mog brings “a world of music on demand, unlimited mobile downloads and ways to discover music free from the limitations of Pandora.”  Winner of the 2010 Best Music Streaming App from, Mog is a legal, fierce contender of the music upload-and-stream Grooveshark.

Glen Rock Live

Glen Rock Live logoOn March 26th, join HOLDCOM in supporting GLEN ROCK LIVE, a series of live concerts featuring nationally known recording artists in all genres of music, as well as some of the best homegrown talent from Glen Rock, NJ and the surrounding area.  The festival to be held at the GRJC, features talent such as “country-rock, acutely temporary” group, The Scott DeCarlo Six; solo guitarist Matt Roy; and the “rock and electric jazz band”, HALO-HALO.

HOLDCOM brings businesses and clients together through the power of audio; now is the chance for local businesses to come together to support their community.  Music is enmeshed in our work.  In fact, Holdcom’s founders are experienced songwriters and musicians who have performed and written for stages across in New York, New Jersey, and beyond.

Autism NJ logoProceeds from this exciting event will be donated to AUTISM NJ, a “nonprofit agency providing information and advocacy services, family and professional education, and consultation…to improve the lives of individuals with autism”.

Doors open at 8:30 PM.  To purchase ticket on line go to the website, or if you wish to be a sponsor of this kickoff event, contact Michael Krebs at 201-245-7742, or visit the Glen Rock Live Facebook Page.

Motherhood Video Project

We would like to invite any and all friends of Holdcom (customers, vendors, business associates, interested parties) to help us celebrate Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere by contributing to the Holdcom Motherhood Video Project.  Send us your favorite video clips (or photo images) that express “Motherhood.”  Chosen video clips and photos will be set to a song, entitled (appropriately) “Motherhood,” written by Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman, which was part of an award-winning industrial film.  These images can show mothers; mothers and their children; children playing, marching in parades, blowing out candles at parties, etc.  We hope this video will make a wonderful gift for mothers everywhere on Mother’s Day 2011.  So get those video clips and photos in by May 1st, 2011, and let us know who to credit if we use your clip or photo.  Email your contributions to or post them on our Facebook fan page.

mother holding her baby

SOCAP International 2011 Symposium

SOCAP (in Vegas)

SOCAP International’s 2011 Symposium is soon approaching!  From May 1 through 4 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, attendees will meet with world-leading client relations experts while enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer.  Register today for the “opportunity to network with industry peers as well as take part in targeted workshops designed to enhance your knowledge within customer care.”  Featured speakers include Terry Jones, founder and former CEO of; Edward Jay Goldberg, Senior Vice President of External Affairs at Macy’s; Frank Eliason, Senior Vice President of Social Media at Citi; and many more.

Holdcom and Caras Training are proud to be co-sponsoring transportation to Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles tribute, LOVE, Sunday evening May 1st.  For more information or to order your tickets for this show, click here.

Since 2003, Holdcom has been a strong supporter of SOCAP.  Our Director of Operations, Andrew Begnoche, has served on various SOCAP committees; he is currently Vice Chair of Members Services and is SOCAP’S Social Media Ambassador.  As Holdcom’s mission is to bring businesses and clients closer together through the power of audio, we value SOCAP as a fantastic resource for trending technologies and customer service best practices.

For more information, check out the 2011 SOCAP INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM.

March Featured Blog

Down the Funnel: Optimizing Message-On-Hold

Television commercials. Websites. Printed flyers. Email campaigns.

All of these channels broadcast valuable content.

But if your audience is receptive towards this information, why not convey it through new mediums?

woman with blonde hair on the phone

One of the unique qualities of message-on-hold is that it is guaranteed exposure. When watching a television show or an online advertisement, your audience can change the channel, or open a new tab; in other words, avoid the information. But waiting on hold is an inevitable part of business/telephone exchange…

To continue reading, check out the SoundCommunication blog!

March Just For Fun

January was the month of “overcoming obstacles under pressure” and February was the month of “discovering your passion.”  As winter “marches” onward, this month bears the Holdcom theme of “growth through competition.”

The title “March” is derived from Martius, the ancient Roman name for Mars, the God of War. Martius appropriately signaled the beginning of the military campaign season. Presently, March is known for ADA National Nutrition Month, American Red Cross Month, and Women’s History Month in the United States. And let us not forget the religious, and beer-delicious, Irish national holiday of St. Patrick’s Day.

All of these events pit combatants, whether friendly or hostile, against each other. Without competition, culture would remain stagnant. Evolution, after all, is “survival of the fittest.” While war and death arise from competition, so does creativity and innovation. The importance is to acknowledge the potential in nonviolent, friendly competition.

For example – the Oscars! If you missed the awards show, one of the highlights was a short montage of “remixed” popular movies – to the digital sounds of autotune. Check below to see this year’s best “musicals” – and the lighthearted nature of competition!


Script Tip – One Number At A Time

pencil on white paper with eraser

HOLDCOM is continuing our quest to help you and your organization create the best IVR menu possible.  Our tip for this month: Multiple-digit extension numbers are more effective when written and recorded as separate digits.  Let’s take extension number “121” for example.  It’s much easier for a caller to mentally digest “one-two-one” as opposed to “one-hundred-and-twenty-one”.  Also, extensions should not precede their corresponding destinations.  For example, “Press 121 for the Sales Department” is ineffective, since callers are initially waiting to hear who they want to reach, as opposed to how to reach that party.  “For Sales, press 121” is therefore much more seamless and easier for callers to follow.

Do you look forward to reading our Script Tips every month? Click here to download our “Script Tips ‘Greatest Hits’ Compilation”