Social Media Update

The world of social media is vast and ever-changing. How can you keep up? Our Marketing Department weighs in on social media news.

Social Trends

What’s New?

Katie: Google+ introduced their Business Pages mid-November which is the latest way to connect with customers and clients. Google+ features “Circles” which allow you to segment groups of people. For instance, a business would most likely have a circle for active customers, inactive customers, clients, partners, colleagues, etc. These circles allow you to share and market to specific target audiences depending on what circle you categorized them in. “+1″ Holdcom’s Google+ Page!

Juli: I agree with Katie, Google+ Business pages are huge. I read that 60% of major brands signed up for a page within the first 2 days of their availability. For Google+, which many thought was playing second fiddle to Facebook, Brand Pages are a major game-changer. Google+ is very rapidly growing and evolving. Join now and you can call yourself an early adopter!

What’s Out?

Katie: There has been some major scrutiny surrounding Blackberry functionality in recent months. Although Blackberry was one of the first smartphones, Research In Motion (RIM), maker of Blackberry, has failed to keep up with the constantly changing market. When the iPhone first came out, people were attracted to this revolutionary pocket-sized touchscreen computer/phone, and popularity continues to rise, especially with the new release of the iPhone4S. The iPhone is certainly a game changer. RIM has struggled to keep pace with Apple’s smartphones and tablets, but hasn’t been able to make a triumphant comeback…yet. Blackberry still has 65 million subscribers and RIM plans to revamp its new generation of smartphones using a new operating system. The company has also introduced a tablet that now retails for under $200. Has Blackberry totally fallen out of favor, or is RIM poised to rise to the top once again? We’ll see what happens!

Juli: Facebook? I’m not too sure about this and it seems that not too many others are, either. A recent Mashable Poll found that 45.5% of users thought the site was just “Lukewarm,” compared to 30.34% who say the site is still “Hot” and 24.16% who say the site is “Not.” For now, people are holding onto their Facebook accounts. It’s certainly the biggest player with the most connections in the social media world, so it makes sense that people aren’t going to run away. Facebook has recently settled with the FTC over privacy concerns, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “I’m the first to admit that we’ve made a bunch of mistakes.” Since privacy was one of the main issues bothering Facebook users, maybe this settlement will keep the site at Number 1. Regardless of what is to become the next big thing, Facebook is still a major player, and you should have a business page, even if you don’t want a personal account.

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Album Reviews-Happy Holidays!

Royalty Free Hold Music for the Holidays-Red ornament with music notes on christmas treeHappy Holidays! Wondering what message-on-hold music you should add this holiday season? Let our audio production team steer you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for some festive cheer, wintery sounds, religious music, heart-warming acoustic guitar or an album offering a break from the ubiquitous, our expertise will guide you as you discover the right music for your holiday on-hold marketing. Don’t forget to listen to our online samples!

Follow Up: Holdcom Donates MOH to Community Blood Services

In August, Holdcom donated a Message On Hold package to Paramus, NJ based Community Blood Services. Community Blood ServiceThe new program has been playing for callers, helping to raise awareness about blood donation and inform callers about becoming a donor.

Karen Ferriday of Community Blood Services recently said, “Non-profit organizations like ours are struggling to make ends meet during these difficult economic times, while providing the best informational services to our community members that we can. Holdcom has unselfishly demonstrated its commitment to our community and our organization, helping us to continue to help save lives of patients in our community hospitals, by donating an on-hold messaging system that keeps our community connected to our lifesaving programs & services. How awesome is that!!?? We are very grateful for their expertise and generosity and consider them a true community partner.”

Holdcom looks forward to working with Community Blood Services in the coming year and is glad to have made an impact for such a deserving organization.

Featured Blog: Airline Hold Times During Hurricane Irene

When Hurricane Irene hit the east coast in early September, the results were inconvenient for some and devastating for others. During the storm, travelers bombarded airline customer service departments for information about flights to and from the area. Telephone lines were jammed and Twitter was flooded with customer complaints. What did callers do during long hold times? How were Twitter responses handled? Which airline was best able to handle customer inquiries and complaints?

Airline Holdtimes During Hurricane Irene

STELLAService, a customer service firm, conducted a survey on airline hold times during Hurricane Irene, and the results are surprising… (Read More at Sound Communication, the Holdcom Blog)

The Holdcom Year In Review… From My View

By Harvey Edelman, CEO

New YearAround the country and the world it’s been an unprecedented year… hundred year storms, hundred year floods, once in a lifetime revolutions, the long awaited fall of dictators… so much has happened, I’m waiting for the Year In Review shows to remind me.  Back here at Holdcom, it’s been an unprecedented year as well.  While steadfastly continuing to believe that our company’s growth is based on a traditional dedication to ‘customer first’ customer service, we have also taken a bold leap into the sea of social media and emerging technologies.  As a communications company, and an audio company, we have further branded our category of audio marketing, offering our clients an ever-expanding menu of audio applications.

Earlier in the year, we began development of a new user-friendly version of our ground-breaking and now five year old Audio Production Online Store. Anticipating the ever-changing needs and requirements of our clients, including the migration to smart phones, our Store 2.0, with anticipated launch in early 2012, promises to embrace and leverage current and emerging technology, giving customers a convenience factor unknown in our industry.

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Equipment Upgrade Discount: Year-end special


Want to finish this year on a high note and start the New Year in style? Have use-or-lose money left in your budget? December is the perfect time to update your Message On Hold equipment–with a special discount from Holdcom.

Cassette tapes are out… mp3 and CD technology is in! With the drastic technology advancements, antiquated cassette-load technology for your Message On Hold communication is no longer supported. If you are currently using a cassette-load digital announcer for your On-Hold Communication, Holdcom can assist you with upgrading your MOH for a special price. We’ve just lowered our price on digital MOH equipment at Add a promo code and save an additional $50 — a total of 50% off our original list price!

Having the most up-to-date technology will not only insure consistent and reliable on-hold messaging, but will provide you with a more convenient means to implement your program updates. Get the most out of your on-hold marketing and buy your business a holiday gift — new Message On Hold equipment!

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Holdcom 2012 Food Drive

Food Drive

From now until February 14, 2012, Holdcom will be hosting a Food Drive to benefit Eva’s Kitchen in Paterson, NJ. 11.5% of New Jersey Residents suffer from food insecurity. During the Holidays, many individuals and businesses donate to soup kitchens, shelters, and food pantries. Unfortunately, donations begin dwindling after the New Year. Please consider participating in our Food Drive. For your convenience, we have developed an informational packet that you can download, with details about Eva’s Kitchen, the Holdcom Food Drive, and how to host a collection at your place of business.

Click here to download the packet, or email

Thank you in advance!

Hospitality Audio Marketing Guide

Often, marketing and customer service strategies can be enhanced and improved with the addition of audio. By combining the power of Message On Hold, multilingual IVR announcements, website audio, eLearning applications, and overhead music and announcements, you can add new dimensions to your business. In our Audio Marketing for Hospitality Guide, we feature tips for using audio to enhance telephony applications, guest services, websites, and social media. Don’t miss these free tips!


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Holdcom Calendar Strips Are Here!

Have you received anything in the mail from Holdcom lately? If you have, you probably noticed the calendar strip inside the package or envelope. This calendar strip is lightweight and easy to use. It has no messy installation and comes with a one year warranty! Use it to check the date and to keep track of updates for your Message On Hold program.

Holdcom 2012 Calendar Strips

Keep an eye out for calendar strips in your next letter or shipment from Holdcom.  And if you haven’t received your calendar strip, email and we’ll send one your way!

Free Holiday Message On Hold Program

Free Holiday Message On Hold program

Did you know that this year, we’re sending out FREE Holiday Message On Hold programs? Take advantage of this offer to spread cheer to your callers. On-hold programming that reflects seasonal changes results in more effective marketing. Our holiday MOH program includes your choice of music type (traditional, religious, or generic) and a greeting that says, “We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year,” with alternating male and female voices. Don’t be afraid to let your holiday spirit show!

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December 2011’s Script Tip

pencil on white paper with eraser

Does your clientele include non-English speaking persons that you’d like to better communicate with, but you yourself don’t speak their native language?  Holdcom offers an array of non-English speaking voice talents at your disposal as well as efficient translation services.  The Holdcom Script Department asks that you utilize our professional translation services, as opposed to attempting to translate any scripting via online resources.  Although such online sites boast “free” translation, their translations often end up being 99% inaccurate – in other words, the translation winds up being gibberish.  Since members of our team aren’t fluent in foreign languages, we aren’t able to proofread non-English scripts as we would normally.  However, the moment we send such scripts to our voice talents they can immediately tell if the client has utilized our professional translation services or if they received the translation through an ineffective online resource.  Communication is important, but communicating effectively is key.

Do you look forward to our script tip every month? Then our Script Tips Greatest Hits Compilation is for you. We put together the best of our script tips into a must-have quick reference.

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