Glen Rock Live – Afterthoughts

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The premier event of the GLEN ROCK LIVE concert series certainly “put the ROCK in GLEN ROCK” this past Saturday night. Local performer Matt Roy, and area bands such as HALO HALO (pronounced “HAH LO”) and SCOTT DECARLO SIX, filled the Glen Rock Jewish Center with both classic covers and original material.  Upon entering the venue, my expectations were immediately elevated by the sight of an impressive portable stage surrounded by an equally impressive array of sound and lighting equipment.  I’ve been to other functions in this particular space, but have never seen such a professional presentation.  The sound system lived up to its looks, skillfully engineered by one of the best mixers in the business.  Lighting added to the excitement and energy of the music and performances, transforming the social hall into a concert hall experience.

In addition to providing a showcase for talent, GLEN ROCK LIVE is dedicated to bringing quality performances and musicians to the surrounding community.  Its mission also includes a philanthropic component, in which a portion of the proceeds are donated to charitable causes.  This first concert raised not only money, but awareness for AUTISM NEW JERSEY.

Glen Rock Live (small montage)Fifteen-year-old Matt Roy opened the show with a combination of cover tunes and originals, and for a very young performer (Matt attends Glen Rock High School), he commanded the attention of his audience.  His stage presence, guitar accompaniment, and vocals were well balanced, and his interpretation of standards (e.g. The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”) was fresh and inventive.  I was particularly impressed with the songwriting skills evident in his original, “Speed of Life”.

Next up was HALO HALO, another very young (high school) band comprised of graduates of the film-inspired “School of Rock” franchise.  This act commenced with a high-octane version of the Katrina & the Waves’ pop hit “Walking on Sunshine” and proceeded into a non-stop, high-energy 40 minutes of 70’s-80’s rock classics ranging from Led Zeppelin to Pat Benatar.  Featuring an effervescent, wonderfully animated female lead vocalist, strongly supported by a four-man foundation of rhythm, HALO HALO just got better and better as the set progressed.

Scott Decarlo, veteran Nashville recording artist, supported by his band SCOTT DECARLO SIX, played the final set with utmost professionalism.  This singer-songwriter has a catalogue of original songs that brings Country Rock to the edge, and whose energy brought audience members to their feet.   SCOTT DECARLO SIX is just one step away from well deserved national recognition.

Holdcom looks forward to continuing its sponsorship affiliation with GLEN ROCK LIVE, and is eager to participate in the support and promotion of the next event.  Call us at 800.666.6465 if you’d like to discuss sponsorship opportunities for your company or organization and be represented in this multi-faceted venue.

Motherhood Video Project

Breaking News: The Motherhoood Song Video is done.  Click here to view

We would like to invite any and all friends of Holdcom (customers, vendors, business associates, interested parties) to help us celebrate Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere by contributing to the Holdcom Motherhood Video Project.  Send us your favorite video clips (or photo images) that express “Motherhood.”  Chosen video clips and photos will be set to a song, entitled (appropriately) “Motherhood,” written by Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman, which was part of an award-winning industrial film.  These images can show mothers; mothers and their children; children playing, marching in parades, blowing out candles at parties, etc.  We hope this video will make a wonderful gift for mothers everywhere on Mother’s Day 2011.  So get those video clips and photos in by May 1st, 2011, and let us know who to credit if we use your clip or photo.  Email your contributions to or post them on our Facebook fan page.

mothe with baby

April Featured Blog

Have Some Chicken Soup While Waiting On Hold

chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup, toast, and a good night’s rest – these are the treatments prescribed by Mom to cure any fever. Throughout our childhoods, Mom has been a bastion of love and care, always ready with a boiling pot of tea.

But then we grow up, and it’s time for us to leave home for travel, study, or work. Inevitably, the first sign of a cold strikes – maybe a headache or a stuffy nose – and Mom is miles away.

Holdcom Production Team Member Joe Blakely was a freshman at Towson University when he had to tackle a fever – or “the plague,” as he called it – on his own for the first time.

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April Just For Fun

Script writing may seem glamorous from a distance – “oh, you get to sit in a comfortable chair and write all day!” – but it is not an easy task. The risk for error is high, and if you miss just one period, or one typo, the entire project has to be revised. Not only that, but the mental gymnastics leave you physically exhausted – not to mention finger-cramped. The fact that English is an insane language doesn’t help!

girl confused (with a book)

Just look at these examples – “intuitive” to native speakers – as to why English is such an absurd language!

1. There is no egg in eggplant, nor ham in hamburger; neither apple nor pine in pineapple.

2. English muffins weren’t invented in England nor French fries in France.

3. Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads, which aren’t sweet, are meat.

Or how about when we:

  1. recite at a play and play a recital,
  2. ship by truck and send cargo by ship, and
  3. have noses that run and feet that smell?

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Script Tip – Being Zero is Something

pencil on white paper with eraser

While it may be common for an extension number such as “201” to be pronounced as “two-oh-one,” HOLDCOM’s Script Department recommends using “zero” in place of “oh” when stating addresses, phone numbers, extension numbers, etcetera to rule out any risk of miscommunication in Message-On-Hold programs and IVR menus.  For example, if your business handles a large volume of international callers that don’t have a complete command of the English language, hearing “oh” in an IVR announcement could cause such callers to press the letter “O” rather than the number “zero” on the phone’s keypad.

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