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Customer Service Best Practices

Based on strategies by Anne M. Obarski, professional speaker, trainer, and author. Visit www.merchandiseconcepts.com for more information.

Good customer service is about making an impression – a memorable experience that will inspire your customer to pass positive feedback throughout their social and business networks. In essence, your customers become unofficial advocates for your company. And it can all start with just one positive experience with your business.

The following are eight tips that take a proactive approach to customer service, converting customers into company cheerleaders:

1) Be available – be live!

Always have a live representative available – even if you personally aren’t able to answer your phone. Call forwarding can transfer incoming calls from your work line to your mobile device, while professional answering services provide live representatives to be on-call.

2) Show your customer that you are listening

Show your customers that you are listening by suggesting solutions, providing educational resources, or confirming their concerns. For example, a Holdcom customer may ask, “How long does the average order fulfillment take?” A good response would begin with “The average order fulfillment…” instead of providing a disinterested one-word response. By repeating a portion of their discourse, you demonstrate that you have heard, and understood, what they had said.

3) Communicate with your staff

Teach your employees how to position your business. Open discussion about the fundamentals of good customer service, and the proper presentation of your company image, will insure that all of your staff are on the same page. If each employee has a general overview of each department and troubleshooting techniques, they will have the confidence to be an authority  – without the need for transfers.

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Scripts Department Feature

Holdcom Script Department

The following is part two of a five part series featuring Holdcom’s specialized departments.

Script deparmentIn our October Newsletter, we established that the departments of Holdcom could be likened to the unique elements that go into making a hardcover novel. Client Relations was compared to the Title Page, Table of Contents, and Appendices; this month, we proudly feature Holdcom’s Script department.

The Script Department is the manuscript, the body, before the novel is bound and formatted. They are the guts of the novel, where the information gathered by Client Relations, independent research, and communicating directly with clients is digested, formulated, and finally, put to paper. The Script Department consists of professional writers who organize customized content for message on hold programs, IVR announcements, eLearning scripts, virtual tour scripts, and more.

The Script Department comprises three individuals: Megan Adriulli, John Falcone, and Rob Lefever. All three work together, but separately – they each have their own clients scripts’ to fulfill, but they will often hand off a rough draft to a fellow team member to proofread or make suggestions. Like the twists and turns of a plot, each script says the who, what, where, when, and why of the client, and it is the Script Department’s job to transform these often lengthy company histories into succinct, informative message on hold programs. The scripts themselves are written either from scratch or based off a program development form filled out by a client, which is a questionnaire consisting of basic questions, such as store hours, company history, and the type of customer experience [tone] client wishes to convey.

Each member of the Script Department has distinct tasks to accomplish. Megan Andriulli has been a Scripts member for nine years. She not only works with high frequency clients [monthly updates], but also organizes and contributes to the Holdcom Voice, our monthly newsletter. Megan’s working situation is unique, for she alternates working at our offices and remotely, from home, where she can also keep a close eye on her two toddlers.

John Falcone has been working at Holdcom for eleven years; he handles various clients, from annual to monthly updates, and sends out submission reminders, as well as scheduling voice talent for studio time.

Last but not least is the Senior Script Consultant, Rob Lefever, who acts as the chief editor of the Holdcom manuscript. Rob is the manager of the department; he oversees that scripts are submitted on time, that voice talent recording session are on schedule, and that the writers have a fast turnaround. He gives the final proofing on scripts and handles large volumes of scripts from our most frequent updaters.

The Script Department works closely with Client Relations to really get to know Holdcom’s clients. Like the table of contents and chapter titles, the two departments work hand in hand to enhance the Holdcom customer experience. The Script Department is our creative content, but also acts as an index, where clients go if they have questions about the script.

Now that we have a completely structured manuscript, come back next month to see how the Production department brings the Holdcom story to the next level.

Holdcom Visits Audio Production Store Partner

Holdcom’s Andy Begnoche (COO) and Neil Fishman (President) arrived in San Francisco this past Thursday, just days ahead of SOCAP’s International Conference in San Francisco, to visit their valued partner, 8X8.  In addition to participating in the three day SOCAP conference (10/18 – 10/20), Andy and Neil, dubbed the “leadership team,” were excited to meet with key personnel at 8X8’s corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale.  They were greeted by Beth Carney (pictured at far right below), and then had the opportunity to meet with several departmental managers representing a variety of disciplines, including marketing, web development, customer service, tech support and sales.

Holdcom and 8X8 have been successfully working together for three years, providing clients with online fulfillment of custom auto attendant recordings and Message On Hold programs, via the 8X8 audio production store.   Management agreed that the online availability of professional voice recording services has fulfilled clients’ needs and enhanced their customer service initiative. This holiday season, Holdcom will be working with 8×8 to promote their audio production store for the holidays, providing special freemium offers for their customers.

After a tour of the facility and its various departments, it became clear that 8X8 is continuing to expand its role as a major force within the VoIP industry. Holdcom looks forward to working with 8×8 to develop further initiatives that  makes caller experience ever better.

Blog-Nurturing Campaigns

Client Relations Meets eMarketing With Message on Hold

According to the B2B analytics guide eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale by Ardath Albee, “buyers will search out and read more information by a vendor when the information they are exposed to is considered to be valuable and relevant.” The process by which companies do not pursue or cold call new clients, but enable clients by “putting high-quality content into play in a variety of channels to increase demand” is referred to as a nurturing campaign.

One of the basic tenants of a nurturing campaign is being the trusted source for problem solving – so clients will choose your company as a trustworthy knowledge base. At Holdcom, we go by the philosophy of providing an audio marketing solution for your company – this problem-solution approach is not only proactive for our clients, but for our clients’ customers, for the customers are empowered and educated by information distributed through message on hold programs…

To read more, visit e-marketing.

The End is Where It’s At

pencil on white paper with eraser

One of the more common changes the Script Department makes when proofing incoming voice prompt scripts is to place the call-to-action option at the end of the sentence.

When a caller listens to a laundry list of menu options, s/he is waiting to hear the option required and most likely has little to no interest in the other options being offered.  Placing extension numbers before their corresponding menu options makes it difficult for a caller to remember the exact number he needs.

GOOD EXAMPLE: “For Sales & Catering, enter two-zero-one. For Accounting, enter two-zero-two. For Public Relations or Marketing, enter two-zero-three.

BAD EXAMPLE: “Enter two-zero-one for Sales & Catering. Enter two-zero-two for Accounting. Enter two-zero-three to speak with a Public Relations or Marketing Department staff member.

As always, the professionals in Holdcom’s Script Department will keep the written copy on check, but it never hurts to be in the know!

Just For Fun

Game Voices is a website “created for VoiceOver Artists to demonstrate their talents to the mobile and video games industries.” The site is an open platform for voice over artists to contribute samples, post discussions on forums, and establish networks.

The following is a video that goes behind the scenes of the voices for the hit release Fallout: New Vegas by Obsidian Entertainment. You’ll here the iconic Ron Pearlman, Wayne Newton, Kris Kristofferson, and more.

Holdcom’s Holiday Hours

HOLDCOM would like to take a moment to thank our loyal clients for their continued patronage. We are truly thankful for your support and we would like to extend the sincerest Thanksgiving wishes to you, your staff, and families. Please note that our offices will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th.  Be sure to set up your holiday message on-hold program so that it can begin playing soon after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Looking ahead we will also be closed Christmas Eve Day, December 24th, and New Year’s Eve Day, December 31st.