Food for Thought…

lots of foodWe’ve heard terms like “Homeland Security”, “National Security”, “Social Security”, but have you ever heard the term “Food Security”?

Food security, simply put, is access by all people, at all times, to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, in 2008, 85 percent of U.S. households were food secure throughout the entire year, and 14.6 percent of households were food insecure at least some time during that year, up from 11.1 percent in 2007. This is the highest recorded prevalence rate of food insecurity since 1995 when the first national food security survey was conducted.

Hunger is a growing problem, and its effects are far reaching. As you read this, American men, women and children are going to work, to school, to bed, hungry.

Holdcom responds to this with our 2010 Food Drive, to benefit the Kitchens at Eva’s Village. Located in Paterson, NJ, Eva’s Village has been a beacon for its community since 1982. Serving hot meals, providing a warm blanket, or even desperate medical care, the staff members at Eva’s Village believe that all those who are hurting and homeless need them as friends and companions on their journey.

Our Food Drive begins on February 1st and continues until February 22nd. Non-perishable grocery items, paper products, and utensils can be donated and dropped off at Holdcom’s Glen Rock, NJ office located at 955 Lincoln Avenue. Feel free to contact us at 800-666-6465 with questions, or email

WOW! Your House Clean with Wowgreen

The promise of a safe, green home is finally here.  Wowgreen Cleaning Products offer you, your family, and your guests a convenient all-in-one green home-cleaning solution that’s safe, effective, and all-natural.

The cleaners come in reusable containers, are shipped in recyclable paper cartons, use environmentally-friendly ink on the labels, and more!  Wowgreen seeks to reuse as many containers as possible. Each time you replenish your order, you will receive a refill packet for the spray bottles, which you will combine with water to create more cleaners.  Not having to ship liquids costs less and uses less fuel!  As for the containers that are not reused, they are still recyclable.  Wowgreen is fulfilling the green promise with a greener way to clean.

What’s the secret?  Enzymes!  Different enzymes break down different stains, dirt, soap scum, etc, helping you have a cleaner home…without putting anyone at risk with dangerous chemicals.

There are 12 great household products available online at  And coming soon from Wowgreen: an entire line of commercial grade products!  Wowgreen – freeing the world of toxic chemicals one household at a time.

Write Rules – Backwards Read

pencil on white paper with eraser

Whenever any of my friends were getting married, I gave them the same advice when it came to their invitiations: Read them backwards.  Your mind will automatically glance over things such as “You Are Formaly Invted”, but if you read it backwards you will stop on each word and notice in fact that “Formally” and “Invited” were spelled wrong.  Granted, many may catch the mistake on the original read-through, but when you’re proofing something small – and important – it doesn’t hurt to look at the content out of perspective… especially in a time when we think Spell Checker has “got our backs”.

It’s at the Tip of your Tongue…

You’re in a brainstorming session…you and your team have created the perfect marketing campaign, but there’s one or two buzz-words missing. You need something to POP, to catch some eyes…but the only eyes you’re catching are each others, because you can’t think of the right words.

Enter Go Exec, a handy app that acts as part thesaurus, part creative writer. For the cost of a small cup of coffee, you can now find the right buzz-words and phrases for professional presentations and writing. Go Exec will also allow you to see how your new found word or words will look in a sentence.

Beat your business writer’s block and make your next brainstorming session more than a staring contest. Check out Go Exec by GothamJungle, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

“Welcome to the Audio Production Store”

In early 2007, Holdcom launched its first of many on line Audio Production Stores. With ever-changing phone system functionality, as well as the self service environment of the Internet, Holdcom recognized the need for a quick-turnaround solution for Voice Recordings. Enter, the Audio Production Store.

Since its inception, the Audio Production Store has been THE source for Professional Voice Recordings to be used for Telephony Processing, Cell Phone Greetings, Talking Properties, Web Sites, Flash Presentations, Virtual Tours…anything where the image calls for Professionality.

Holdcom storeBoasting quick turnaround (within 3 business days) and a robust roster of Voice Talent, the Audio Production Store has seen thousands of orders come through its “checkout aisle”. And as an added bonus you’ll receive discounted pricing on our Voice Production Services for all your on line purchases.

Get acquainted, or re-acquainted, with the Audio Production Store and visit  Use Promo Code NL2010 for additional savings!

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you to all those who participated in our 5th Annual Blood Drive and Luncheon.  HOLDCOM hosted the Mobile Community Blood Bank and treated all who donated to a delicious lunch.  “The ‘True Blood’ Drive was a smashing success,” raved Stacey Caropreso. “We had all different types of red food, from apples, cheesecake, and Twizzlers – even red drinks!  It was great that everyone came out to support the blood drive and had the opportunity to have some fun doing it.” Andy giving blood

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive, contact Community Blood Services toll-free at 866-228-1500 or visit one of their donor centers in Paramus, Lincoln Park,  Allendale, and Camden, New Jersey or in New Windsor and Warwick, New York.  To learn more, visit them online at

Equipment Trade-In & Upgrade Verification

You may be eligible for an equipment trade-in special offer or a reduction in your Audio Marketing costs.  HOLDCOM is working with clients to assist in the digital transition of your Message-On-Hold equipment and programming.

As you may know, antiquated cassette load technology will soon no longer be supported.  If you are currently using a cassette load digital announcer, HOLDCOM can assist you with upgrading to new MP3 & CD technology for a special price.  If you’re not sure what equipment you are currently using, we encourage you to contact for an equipment consultation.  Or call them at 800.666.6465.  They’ll be able to verify if your equipment is compatible for the future.

If you’re thinking about upgrading or have recently upgraded your phone system and converted to newer VoIP technology, you may be entitled to a reduced rate on some of our Audio Marketing products and services.  Your HOLDCOM representative can verify your current phone system capabilities to determine if you are eligible for a price reduction.

Upcoming Events

HOLDCOM is active in our community and we invite you to share these upcoming events with your friends, family and co-workers. We’re looking for your support, so get involved! Contact us today at

February 2010: Food Drive to support The Kitchens at Eva’s Village
June 2010: American Cancer Society’s “Relay For Life” in West Milford, NJ

Social Media Group – Twitter

HOLDCOM’s Social Media group will resume regular meetings starting in March.  The upcoming event will focus on Twitter and how individuals and companies are capitalizing on this micro-blogging technology.  Some of the questions we will be covering include:

twitter sm
Is this another Social Media fad or is it here to stay?

How is it different from other Social Media products?

Should you be using it and how?

Do you want your customers to follow you on Twitter?

How can you convert followers in to customers?

If you’d like to be part of the March Social Media meeting or would like to submit content for the discussion, please email us at

Come join the conversation.

Mardi Gras – February 16th

Congratulations to the 2010 Super Bowl Champion Saints.  The Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans will certainly be one to remember.  We are happy that this city can stand tall and raise the trophy high as they continue to rebuild their community from the devistation of hurricane Katrina.

mardi gras

To commemorate Mardi Gras this year, HOLDCOM will be celebrating this fun-filled day with a Soup-or-Bowl theme luncheon for our staff.  In the tradition of New Orleans, we will be feasting on hot and spicy chili and chicken gumbo soup, as well as a variety of other Fat Tuesday items.

We invite you to comment on this article and share your thoughts, recipes, and traditions for Mardi Gras.  Or email us at

The Holdcom/Avatar Connection

James Cameron’s “Avatar” movie will soon be the largest grossing movie of all time, passing Cameron’s other monster hit, “Titanic”.  There’s been no shortage of promotion or hype around this blockbuster movie.

The creativity and originality surrounding these promotions may be as distinctive as the movie itself.  HOLDCOM’s partner Oddcast, developed a unique online promotion for McDonalds which allows website visitors to create custom “avatars” of themselves by uploading their photos into a special software program. AvatarTitled “Avatarize Yourself”, this is just another example of viral marketing, something in which Oddcast helps their clients excel.  Also, check out programs designed for eTrade, Progressive Insurance, Sonic, and more at

Holdcom has been working with Oddcast since 2004, providing Professional Voice Talent recordings to match their interactive “avatars”.  HOLDCOM was excited to partner with this new up-and-coming internet media marketing company.  From corporate reads to character voices, HOLDCOM continues to answer Oddcast’s requests as technology continues to change.

Feel free to leave your comments about the movie “Avatar” or your thoughts regarding these type of Social Media marketing programs.